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Big Data & Data Analysis

Our big data & data analysis services take advantage of the latest technologies to help brands make the most out of their data. We help you collect, store and process large and complex data, to help you make high-impact result-driven decisions. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, out experts analyze the data to give you the competitive edge you're looking for.

Consultation | Business Consultation | Big Data Analysis | Big Data Consultation | Machine Learning | Data Analytics | Data Mining | Internet of Things | Data Visualization | Real-Time Analytics


Idea & Strategy

Got an idea, but now what? That's where we come in with our strategy consultation services. We'll guide you and help you turn your big-picture vision into a concrete action plan. We'll provide you will a custom roadmap to get you from idea to launch, and you will no longer feel stuck in the planning phase with our expert strategy consultants on the job. 

Product Strategy | Idea Generation | Ideation | Business Strategy | Business Plan | Action Plan | Roadmap Strategy | Product Research | Benchmarking | Competition Analysis 



Ready to transform your website with us? Say no more. Our website development consultation service is our bread & butter! From custom designs that perfectly represents your brand, to e-commerce online presence that takes your business to another level of growth and revenue. Our experts deliver the website your brand deserves with their years of knowledge and experience!

Website Consultation | Web Development Consultation | Wordpress Development | Custom Web Development | Data Entry | Website Content | Frontend | Backend | Dashboard


Mobile Apps

Let's go mobile! From consultation, to concepts, to design, to development, to launch; we guide and advise you through every step of the digital process. Our VII Tech experts will make sure that your mobile app looks great, meets the needs of your target audience, and delivers outstanding user experience. Let's consult your brand to bring your mobile app vision to life. Are you ready?

Mobile Consultation | Mobile App Development Consultation | iOS Development | Android Development | Data Entry | App Store | Play Store | Cross Platform Development | Custom Software


UI/UX Design

Say hello to awesome user experiences with our UI UX design & consultation services. Our dynamic designers and expert consultants will work closely with you to craft a personalized and user-friendly design for your digital brand. We focus on both visual appeal and functionality to bring you a design masterpiece unique to your business.

UI Design | UX Design | Site Mapping | Story Mapping | Wireframes | Prototyping | Branding | Design System | Responsive Design | Animation | Design Review | Design Consultation


QA & Testing

Say goodbye to bugs - it's smooth sailing with our QA testing and consultation services. Our expert consultants will put your website or mobile app to the test! Thoroughly comb through every inch of your digital product and make sure you're ready for the big leagues. You can relax knowing that your digital product is in good hands.

QA Testing | Unit Testing | User Friendly | Functionality Testing | Quality Assurance | Usability Testing | Automated Testing | Mobile App Testing | Website Testing


Digital Marketing

Conquer the digital world with our digital marketing consultation services. Our team of VII Tech digital marketing expert consultants will help you create a custom marketing strategy to reach your target audience and get the results you're looking for! With our help, your digital marketing efforts will make an impact and resonate with your audience.

Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Email Marketing | Target Audience | Competitior Analysis | Digital Marketing Strategy | Marketing Plan | Digital Marketing Content Creation


AI Integration

Streamline your processes and increase efficiency with our AI integration & consultation services. Our team of AI expert consultants and AI prompt engineers will help you harness and utilize the power of AI to automate your workflows and take your business processes to the next level. We provide consultations to help you take advantage of the latest tech. Let's make AI work for you!

AI Analysis | AI Consultation | AI Integration | AI Processes | AI Business Process | AI Workflows | AI Engineering | AI Prompt Engineering | Content Creation | AI Solutions


Project Management

Simplify your project management with our top-notch consulting services. Our pro VII Tech consultants will work with you every step of the process to keep your project on track, on time, and within budget. We'll help you streamline processes, set clear goals and prioritize tasks. Let's make project management a breeze!

Project Management | Project Consultation | Project Plan | Project Audit | Project Review | Project Strategy | Project Processes | Planning | Project Budget


SEO Analysis

Boost your online visibility with our SEO analysis & consultation services. We dive deep into your website to identify opportunities to optimize it and get in front of the right target audience. We recommend practical, actionable steps to help you understand what you can do to get ahead of your competition. Let's go, SEO!

SEO Consultation | SEO Analysis | SEO Audit | SEO Keywords | Yoast SEO | SEM Rush | Quality Score | SEO Backlinks | Region Specific SEO Keywords | SEO Marketing


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We love digital products and strive to help any type of business – from startups to large enterprises. We've been guiding and advising businesses from a wide range of industries succeed in the online world and grow in the digital era. 



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