X Leader


X Leader is an application that highlights the need for more mentors worldwide. Through this understanding an application was created to merge education and communication. The app will gamify education and creates a link between the mentor and user.


X Leader reached out to us for the development of a platform encompassing a mobile application, a web administration portal, along with a public website. The intention was to introduce a full-fledged platform encompassing the creation and delivery of a leadership development application that will allow individuals to develop their leadership capabilities through multiple leadership challenges organized into three groups/stages. Moreover, X Leader required a public website that mainly serves as an introduction and informational hub for the application and its usage, in addition to providing visitors with information about ways to connect and get involved.


VII Tech has developed a “native” IOS & fully functional IOS and android mobile application based on the requirements received and discussed, along with a web administration portal to manage users, all dynamic data and mobile push notifications. The application was developed to communicate with the admin web portal and other systems (e.g. push notifications manager) via “web services” and “APIs”. These web services were developed to link the application with all peripheral systems.

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