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Unipal is an app that exists to help students save money without sacrificing their social life. An idea brought by fresh-grads, the app aims to bridge the gap between the university life and the 'real' world. Unipal provides students with the best offers, discounts, and services. 

The app targets university students that juggle between their studies, getting work experience, managing their budget, and still try to have fun.

Students require a valid student ID to create an account on Unipal. And then get access to a wide variety of vendors such as: cafes, restaurants, wellness, entertainment, retail, beauty, and tech. 

The Goal

•  New iOS mobile app to be launched on the Apple App Store

•  New Android mobile app to be launched on the Google Play Store

We took over the development of the app for both iOS and android. We had to work closely with the Unipal design team from planning to delivery. 


The Process

This project didn't start until we established its scope. The client and our knowledgeable experts collaborated to specify the project's goals, objectives, and specifications. To establish a development strategy that achieves the client's objectives, the team collected data regarding the client's industry and its intended audience.

We still had to comprehend the design and design process that a third party design agency was working on since our team was only invited into this project during its development phase. We looked over the designs and determined the client's design philosophy. Finally, before turning it over to our development experts, our experienced design consultants built the wireframes, prototypes, and flow diagrams to make it simpler to understand.

The mobile apps were then being developed by the VII Tech development experts for both iOS and Android. The front-end and back-end functionalities of the app were coded throughout development. Also, the team would focus on integrating the app with different APIs and outside services, such payment gateways.

After both apps had been created, the QA specialist consultants began checking them for bugs and errors. To ensure that the apps functioned as expected, the team began carrying out functional, usability, and performance testing. All faults and problems discovered by our QA specialists during this stage were rectified and fixed before the launch.

Once the iOS and Android apps have passed the intense quality assurance testing phase, our VII Tech expert consultants launched the mobile app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, ensuring that it meets all the necessary requirements for app stores submissions.

The Challenges

Developing a mobile app can be technically challenging, especially when dealing with different devices and operating systems. The app must work seamlessly across different devices, screen sizes and operating systems. Ensuring compatability and optimization across different platforms and devices requires careful attention to to detail.

Furthermore, mobile app development, involves complex programming languages and frameworks, which requires expertise and experience. To overcome these challenges, the development team must keep up with the latest technology trends and standards.

The development expert consultants in our team overcame technical challenges by staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends and standards. They also conducted through testing and quality assurance, with the help of our QA consultants, to ensure that the app works seamlessly on different devices and operating systems. Collaboration with the third party design agency also helped to make sure that the app's design was optimized for user experience and functionality.



•  Mobile App Designs Wireframing and Prototyping

•  iOS mobile app

•  Android mobile app

•  Testing & QA


The consultation and development of the Unipal mobile apps really helped improve the client's digital presence, enhance their brand awareness and increase their customer acquisition, engagement and retention. By providing a wide range of exclusive promotions and discounts, the Unipal app can also help customers save more money and improve their overall satisfaction with the app and the brand.


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