Target Oilfield Services L.L.C

Brochure, Business Card & Website Design

Target business card design


Target is an exploration and production services provider with over 10 years of significant international experience. With its this wide range of services and sections it approached VII Tech Solutions for a Brochure and a Website.

Target Brochure design


Target wanted to create their new brochure and website. Due to the versatility of the company and their services, there was a large amount of content that had to be organized for the web as well as the brochure. They needed a modern and contemporary look to their organizations presence. The biggest challenge was create something energetic and modern. Nothing like the other oil field services company.

Target website design


VII Tech Solutions first went through the process of analyzing and organizing the content of their each services. The content was then used for their brochure and the website. Different concepts of layout were presented to them. Research was carried out to meet the approval of Target and proceed with the creation of a comprehensive brochure and website by narrowing down the content of their specific services.

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