St Christopher’s School of Bahrain

st chris website


St Christopher school is one of the best and largest non-profit British-Style education in the kingdom of Bahrain since 1961, accommodate over 2,200 pupils from more around seventy nations. St-Chris team approached us to redesign their website to more user-friendly and modern design, using the latest in web technology, and ensuring mobile-friendliness and responsiveness and to integrate with their existing CMS (Content Management System).




The old website was blocky and condense with content throughout the site making it hard for the users to find information. The pictures and font used were too small and the colors palette used were too dark making it unpleasant for the eye and hard to identify the links and buttons.




We focused more on how the user will navigate the site quickly and what’s essential information for existing and potential parents. We break down the homepage into three sections, School Highlights and latest news, a virtual tour of the school campus with quick links for easy access and School activities with upcoming events. We used only three colors St-Chris Red, White, and Shades of Grey palette to make it more transparent for the users to recognize the relevant information.


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