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Teachers require a collection of documents that showcase their progress and accomplishments in learning to teach. The Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) is a system created for St Christopher's School teachers. A solution to document, track, collate, and review a teacher's progress. 

The PDP system allows teachers to create their portfolio based on the St Chris guidelines. Each teacher core category is then divided and shared amongst peers. This allows for complete transparency between teachers and department heads.


The Goal

•  New portal for St Christopher's School's Professional Development Portfolio

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  CMS Admin Panel for managing information along with managing the frontend of the portal


The Process

We had a long series of consultations with the client regarding this project. This is because we wanted to ensure that the team thoroughly understood all the client's requirements and goals for the PDP system. We discussed the many features, and the functionalities they wanted to include in the system, how they wanted it to work and what problems they want to solve. 

Once that was resolved and agreed upon, the consultants developed a strategy to achieve the client's goals, a project plan to follow through on and set milestones to ensure that the project stays on track. We also identified potential challenges and risks and developed contingency plans to mitigate them. 

Then our team created the UI UX design for the PDP system. This involved creating wireframes, mockups and prototypes that outline how the system will work and what it will look like. We worked with the client to ensure that the designs meet their requirements and is very user-friendly for teachers. 

After the design had been approved, the team of development consultants steped in. This involved coding the system, creating the databases, and integrating third-party services and APIs that are needed. Once the system was developed, we conducted extensive testing to ensure that the system was seamlessly functioning and met the client's requirements and standards. This included unit testing, integration testing, and user testing. Finally once the issues were fixed and resolved, the PDP system went live. 

The Challenges

One of the main obstacles we faced during this project was ensuring that the intended users of the portal could effectively utilize all of its features. This proved to be a significant challenge for both our team and the target audience, as navigating an unfamiliar system can be frustrating. To address this issue, we took extra measures to provide through support and training to the end users. This included demonstrating the various benefits of the portal and offering guidance on how to navigate it. 



•  Portal Wireframes

•  UI UX Designs

•  Web Portal for St Christopher's School

•  Admin Panel: managing the portal frontend content and accessibility

•  Testing & QA


As the teacher fills in their portfolio, they can change the status of each category to: not started, in progress, completed, and confirmed.

Within each category, the teacher can add a description, attachments, and see other's comments. Along with documenting any lesson observations taken throughout the year.

At the end of the academic year, St Chris teachers will have a digital portfolio that tracked their accomplishments.


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