St. Christopher’s Parent App

Parent App Design and Development

Living in a New Era…

St Christopher’s School has always been at the forefront of introducing new technologies into its learning environment, and in the spirit of innovation they approached us to develop a mobile application that would assist parents in monitoring their children’s progress.

Solving Communication Problems

Before developing the mobile application, it was important to understand the needs of its users. With such busy parents and the ever evolving world of education & technology, the school required an application that could enhance communication with parents.



One App to Meet All Needs

Enhance communication between parents and school

The application allows parents to monitor their children’s timetables and syncs to their calendars. It also monitors attendances, absences, school calendars, and has access to all the school’s contacts and notifications.

The application needed to be very user-friendly since it would be used by parents on-the-go. We linked the school’s Parent Portal to the development of an online Web Admin Portal to the application. In other words, parents are easily able to navigate their way behind the app in order to make the most use of it.

This application goes a long way to cut costs to the school. With a single app that connects to all parents at once, no longer does the school have to waste time, money and resources in sending out letters, sms messages or emails. Moreover, parents now have access to all the information they could possibly need and all in one single location. No matter how many children a parent may have, monitoring a child’s educational progress has never been easier!


For Android DOWNLOAD here