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The St Chris Parent App gives parents access to their children's information, timetable, reports, and calendar. Everything they need in one place, with access to useful links and even their school financial account.

The app becomes the parent's source of information about everything happening within the school.


The Goal

•  Admin web portal serving as an administration panel

•  Integrating iSAMS to access the school's database

•  Map database structure and information

•  Mobile Application (iOS & Android compatible)

•  Create user flows & processes

The Process

To start off the process on St Chris Parent App, we had to list all the required functionality, get access to the school's database, and map out user flows. Since the app is for parents of St Chris only, the user requirements were straightforward. 

The first consultation was with the school's administration team to get a clear understanding of their requirements and expectations for the Parent App. We discussed the key features, the functionality, and target audience of the app, as well as any technical specifications or constraints. 

Based on this consultation, our expert strategy and digital marketing consultants conducted extensive research on the market, competitors, and user needs to develop a comprehensive strategy for the Parent App. This involved identifying the key features and functionalities, defining the user journey and creating user personas and scenarios. 

With the strategy in place, we created an information architecture and wireframes for the mobile app. This involved creating a hierarchy of content, defining the layout and navigation, and creating low-fidelity wireframes to demonstrate the overall structure and functionality of the app. 

Once the wireframes were approved, our UI UX Design experts created a high-fidelity design for the Parent App, including the structure, the layout and the visual style, while still maintaining the school's brand guidelines. The design was based on the user journey and user experience. 

With the UI UX Design approved, our development expert consultants began building the app using the latest web and mobile development technologies. Web development was also essential because we were also designing and developing an admin web portal for the administrative team. Our experts ensured that the mobile app was responsive and accessible across multiple devices and platforms, including iOS and Android. 

Throughout the development process, our QA consultants conducted rigorous testing to ensure that the mobile app was functioning as intended and met the client's requirements. This included testing for usability, security, and performance, as well as bug fixing and optimization. 

Once the mobile app was thoroughly tested and approved, we launched the app to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and that it is available for parents to download. We also provided ongoing maintanence and support to ensure that the mobile app remains up-to-date and functional. 

The Challenges

Our challenge for this project was during the testing phase and that was in the form of identifying any bugs and issues before the app was launched. This involved conducting extensive testing across multiple devices and platforms to ensure that the app works as intended. We also used automated testing tools to overcome this challenge and to speed up the testing process and ensure that the app works as intended. 


•  Mobile App (iOS & Android)

•  Admin Web Portal

•  UI/UX Design for the mobile apps and the Admin Web Portal

•  Testing & QA


By clicking on the child's photo, St Chris parents can view all of the important information, easily email teachers, see a daily timetable, and display any extra-curricular activities. 

We've created a design system for St Chris, to unify their brand, assets, colors, and experience. The app is available on both android & iOS devices.


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