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St Christopher's School, Bahrain


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St Christopher's School has recently adopted the Future Ready Curriculum. This ensures that every student is fully competent in the categories:  metacognition, service, enterprise, digital, wellbeing, and academic.

The 'FRC' system allows all staff members view, create, review, and align all their lesson plans to the curriculum.

The Goal

•  New portal for St Christopher's School for their School Curriculum System

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  CMS & Admin Panel for managing information along with managing the frontend of the portal


The Process

Our expert consultants have had several fruitful and intensive consultations with the client to understand their requirements, goals and expectations for the project. Then we moved into the next phase where our expert strategy consultants developed a strategy that achieved their goals. 

When it came to the UI UX Design and development phases, we started with an interactive dashboard that explains each category and competency. Staff members get a complete overview of the Future Ready Curriculum and examples of how to achieve their teaching goals. This is accompanied by a custom planning system that spans across all year groups and departments.

After the design and development was approved, our expert QA consultants stepped in and conducted extensive testing to ensure that it functions properly. Finally, once the portal was bug-free and flawlessly functioning, the portal was live. 


The Challenges

Our challenge for this project was that there was making sure that the end users of this portal knew how to utilize it to its full potential. It is quite a challenge not only from our end, but it can be quite frustrating for the target audience to use a system that they don't know how to navigate.

So to overcome this challenge, we've gone above and beyond with our support and training to help the end users understand the portal and how they can navigate through it, along with showcasing all the ways this can help them stay effective. 



•  Portal Wireframes

•  UI/UX Design

•  Web Portal for St Christopher's School 

•  Admin Panel: managing the portal frontend content & accessibility

•  Testing & QA


Each teacher has the ability to select a year group, subject, and term. They then work their way towards filling in the lesson's objectives, assessment modes, and attach resources. And mainly, select the core competencies that their lesson would be a part of.

These lesson plans are shared amongst all year group teachers and staff members. Allowing for complete coordination and transparency between all departments.


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