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Consolidating all stakeholder information within a school in one place is a daunting task. At St Chris, they are aware of the stresses involved and help to make the experience as smooth as possible. With countless teachers, staff, administrators, and students in St Christopher's School, the Directory is the portal that hosts them all.


The Goal

•  New portal for St Christopher's School, Bahrain

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  Google integration

The Process

As a digital and web consultancy, the first step was to hold a consultation with the client, St Christopher's School, Bahrain. This consultation was to understand their needs and goals for this project. Once we had a clear understanding of their requirements, we moved on to the design phase, where our expert UI UX Design consultants created wireframes and mockups of the portal, taking into consideration their brand guidelines, user experience and the integration with Google services.

Once the design was approved, our expert development consultants proceeded with the development phase where the team started building the portal, implementing the Google Contacts integration and adding any necessary features and functionality. Our expert QA consultants also conducted regular testing to ensure that everything is functioning as intended and to identify and address any bugs or issues. 

After the portal was thoroughly tested, it was launched, and we made sure that all necessary security measures were in place. We also provided support to the client to ensure that they are able to manage and maintain the portal on their own as well. 

Throughout the project, our team would maintain regular communication with the client to ensure that their needs and expectations were met, and to address any concerns or questions they may have had. We also prioritized user experience for all users.


The Challenges

As with any project, there were some challenges faces throughout the project. One challenge our team faced was data accuracy and maintenance. One of the biggest challenges was to ensure that all the data retrieved from Google Contacts was accurate and up-to date.

This required continuous monitoring and maintenance, as any changed made to the Google Contacts we needed to have reflected on the portal. To overcome this challenge, we put in place a system to automate the data synchronization process and set up alerts for any discrepancies. 


•  Portal Overview & Prototypes

•  UI/UX Design

•  Informative Directory portal

•  Google Contacts integration

•  Testing & QA


The St Chris Directory was a successful project that delivered numerous benefits to the client and end-users. Firstly, the directory made it easy for staff members to find the contact details of teachers, administrators and other staff. With the integration of Google Contacts, the portal provided accurate and up-to-date information that was easily accessible from any device with an internet connection. This enhanced the user experience and made it much easier for staff members to communicate with each other.

Secondly, the portal streamlined the communication process for the school. The directory reduced the amount of time spent manually updating and distributing contact information, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks. The integration with Google Contacts meant that information was automatically updated, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies. 

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