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Finding a school place in Bahrain can be a daunting experience. At St Chris, they are aware of the stresses involved and help to make the experience as smooth as possible. With thousands of applicants a year, the Admissions Officers decided to go digital.

We worked closely with the St Chris Admissions team to establish the flow of the system. From an applicant expressing an interest to accepting a placement offer, the process was planned out.

With custom emails and automations, the Admissions Officers guided the process. Several charts, mockups, and tests were conducted. Along with integrating a payment feature for easier, faster, and digital applications.  

The Goal

•  New admissions system for te application process for St Christopher's School, Bahrain

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes 

•  CMS & Admin Panel for receiving, approving, and managing application requests along with managing the content of the website


The Process

As a digital and web consultancy firm, our team of expert consultants have followed a specific process and approach to this St Chris Admissions project. First, our experts had a consultation with  the St Chris Admissions team to discuss their requirements and objectives for the admissions system. Our team asked questions about the current application process, the challenges faced and the ideal outcomes for the digital system. 

Once we had a clear understanding of the requirements and objectives, we created wireframes and mockup UI UX designs to present to the client. This included the user flow, user interface design, and the overal user experience. After several rounds of revisions, we agreed on a final UI UX Design. 

Once the design was approved, our expert development consultants started developing the digital admissions system. This included coding the Admin Panel and the frontend of the system, integrating the payment gateway, and testing the system to ensure that it was functional.

Our QA expert consultants then conducted thorough testing to ensure that the admissions system was functioning properly. This included testing for bugs, errors and other technical issues. 

After the testing phase, the admissions system was launched. Our team of expert consultants worked with the St Chris Admissions team to ensure a smooth transition from the old application process to the new digital system. We also provided training and support to ensure that the admissions team was comfortable using the new system.

The Challenges

Firstly, there was a considerable amount of data to be processed and managed, and we had to ensure that the data remained secure and confidential throughout the process. We worked closely with the Admissions team to ensure that all the data was transferred securely, and we implemented rigorous security measures to protect sensitive information. 

Secondly, we faced some challenges with integrating the payment feature into the system. We had to ensure that the payment gateway was secure, reliable and easy to use for the applicants. We also had to consider various payment methods that applicant may use to ensure that the system could handle them all seamlessly. 

Finally, we had to ensure that the system was user-friendly and easy to navigate for both the applicants and the Admissions officers. We conducted extensive testing to identify any issues or areas for improvement, and we worked closely with the client to make any necessary adjustments to the system. 



•  Platform Site Map

•  Content creation (email content for the application process)

•  UI/UX Design

•  Admissions system for St Christopher's School, Bahrain

•  CMS Backend: managing both website content & form requests and payments

•  Payment Integrations with CrediMax and Benefit

•  Testing & QA


The St Chris Admissions project was a significant success for both the client and the end-users. By going digital with the admissions process, St Chris was able to streamline their operations and make the entire process more efficient for the applicants, parents and the admissions team. The system created a user-friendly experience for the applicants, allowing them to easily navigate through the application process from expressing interest and accepting an offer. This not only saved time but also provided a hassle-free experience, making it easier for parents and applicants to apply to the school. 

Furthermore, the integration of the payment feature allowed applicants to make payments digitally, resulting in a faster and more convenient processing of applications. It also enabled the admissions team to keep track of payments more accurately, making the entire process more efficient. 

Another significant benefit was the custom emails and automations used to guide the applicants throughout the admission process. This resulted in clearer communication between the admissions team and the applicants, reducing confusion and improving the overall experience. 


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