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St Christopher's School, Bahrain


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At St Christopher’s they believe in an all-round education where academic pursuits are supported by wonderful extra-curricular opportunities. With a wide range of activities, societies, events and trips. They allow students to find alternative interests to explore and enjoy.

The Goal

•  New portal for St Christopher's School activities and extracurriculars 

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  CMS for storing customer(parent) information, receiving, approving, and managing booking requests & payments along with managing the content of the portal


The Process

The task was to create an activities portal for parents to sign up and for the students to develop their personal skills.

The first step was to consult with the client and gain a thorough understanding of their requirements and expectations for the activities portal. This involved discussing the purpose of the portal, the types of activities offered by the school, and the target audience of parents and students. 

Based on the information gathered during the consultations, our expert strategy consultants developed an effective strategy for this portal, that aligned with the client's goals. This involved determining the key features and functionality of the portal. For instance, the parents' ability to sign up and pay for activities, as well as the design and layout of the portal. 

Then we moved on to the UI UX design phase, where our expert UI UX design consultants worked closely with the client to create wireframes and mockups of the portal, which included identifying the various activities provided by the school, and assigning unique icons for each activity type while still adhering to the brand guidelines of the school. We also designed a clear grid layout, similar to an e-commerce website, to make it easy for parents to browse and select activities for their children. Throughout this phase, we focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface that was easy to navigate. 

Once the client had approved the UI UX design, our expert development consultants stepped in and we moved on to the development phase. We utilized modern web technologies to build the portal, ensuring that it was fast, responsive and scalable. We integrated a payment gateway to enable smooth transactions, and we also implemented features such as user registration and login, activity booking and activity management. 

With the development phase complete, our expert QA consultants began their extensive testing to ensure that the portal was functioning properly and was bug-free. The team tested the portal across a range of devices and browsers to ensure compatibility and responsiveness. We also conducted user testing and made any necessary adjustments to the portal based on their feedback. 

Once the client was satisfied and the portal was fully functional and met all of the client's requirements, we launched the portal. We provided training to the school staff to ensure that they were familiar with the portal and could manage activities effectively. We also provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the portal remained up-to-date and secure. 


The Challenges

Our challenge for this project was to converting a manual process into a digital system. The existing process did not have a clear structure and wasn't very efficient for the school. This made it a challenge to design a digital system that meets the design of all the stakeholders while also improving on the process. Additionally, the implementation of a new system required significant changes to the way people work, which can lead to some resistance and diffuculty in adapting. 

To overcome this challenge, we took a structured approach that involved close collaboration with the school and stakeholders. We conducted thorough research to understand the existing process and identified pain points and areas for improvement. We then designed a system that addressed these pain points while also meeting the needs of parents and students. We also provided training and support to help the school adapt to the new system and overcome any resistance or difficulties that came up. Through this approach, we were able to successfully convert the manual process the school had into the digital system that improved their efficiency and user experience.


•  Portal Overview & Prototypes

•  UI/UX Design

•  Informative and transactional Activities Portal

•  CMS Backend: managing website content, form requests & payments

•  Payment Integrations with CrediMax and Benefit

•  Testing & QA



We focused on showing all the activities provided by the school. Setting them in a clear grid that resembles an e-commerce website.

Activities such as art, design technology, drama, music, and sports are all identified with their set of icons. And color-coded to show the activity's organizer.

From free to paid activities, parents can view the activities available for their children. We've added a payment feature for smoother transactions and faster bookings.


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