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Springring is a school communication management platform. Targetting kindergarten and K-12 schools, the platform connects admin, teachers, parents, and students. The website highlights the platform and all it's features.

With a clear and distinct structure, we showcase the benefits to schools according to their needs.


We developed the entire brand and design system for Springring. From logo creation, to character design, and web & mobile UI. 

Our aim was to create a strong and informative website for the brand. Since it is meant to be accessible by different types of users, the structure is very important.

With many components, we had to showcase the problems and solutions of using Springring. Admin, teachers, parents, and students have their own list of features and platform.


Along with the features, we provided an area for Springring to share their resources. They required a page where their users can download free resources and share them amongst others.

As a start-up, Springring is looking into unifying school communication along with other systems. And thus, require a website that shows the vast capabilities of the platform.


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