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Springring is a school communication management platform. Targeting kindergarten and K-12 schools, the platform connects admin, teachers, parents and students. The website highlights the platform and all its features. 

With a clear and distinct structure, we showcase the benefits to schools according to their communication needs. 

The Goal

•  Logo and Branding for Springring

•  New website for Springring

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  UI UX Design mockups and prototyping

•  CMS for receiving, approving, and managing form submissions along with managing the content of the website

The Process

We developed the entire brand and design system for Springring. From logo creation, to character design, and web and mobile UI. Once the branding and design guide was developed and approved by the client, we forged on to understanding the clients goals, target audience, and specific requirements for the website.

Our aim was to create a strong and informative website for the brand. Since it is meant to be accessible by different types of users, the structure is very important. We conducted extensive research to understand the competitive landscape and identify the best practices in school communication management.

With many components, we had to showcase the problems and solutions of using Springring. Admin, teachers, parents, and students have their own list of features and platform.

Based on the client requirements and our research, our design expert consultants created a design concept for the website that aligns with Springring's brand and communicates its unique value proposition. We also created wireframes and prototypes to make sure that the user experience is intuitive and easy to navigate. 

Once the design was approved by the client, our development expert consultants moved into the development stage. They focused on building the website using the latest web development tools and technologies and ensure that it is optimized for speed, security and SEO.

Along with the features, we provided an area for Springring to share their resources. The client required a page where their users can download free resources and share them amongst others. 

All throughout the development process, our expert consultants conducted thorough and detailed quality assurance testing to determine and pin-point any bugs or technical issues and address them. We also conducted user testing to ensure that the website is easy to use for all the different types of end users, and meets the communication needs of all the end users. 

Once the website was fully tested and approved, out experts launched it on the client's server and made sure that it is fully optimized for all devices. Springring for Teachers, Springring for Parents, Springring for Students are all available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 


The Challenges

The main challenge that our VII Tech consultants came across was thoroughly understanding the specific school communication needs of the different end users — school administrators, teachers, parents and students — and how to represent that in an appealing, informative and persuasive way. 

To overcome this challenge, our expert consultants took the initiative and conducted extensive and thorough research, and had multiple consultations with Springring the client, to ensure that the website design and functionality aligned with their specific requirements.



•  Website Site Map

•  Content creation (images & text)

•  UI/UX Design for the website

•  Sales & marketing website for Springring

•  CMS Backend: managing both website content & form requests

•  Testing & QA


As an edtech start-up, Springring is looking into unifying school communication along with other systems. And thus, they required a website that shows the vast capabilities of the platform.

All in all, this new website will not only help improve Springring's brand recognition and brand awareness, but it can also increase customer acquisition and customer retention. 

It can also improve communication with customers and potential customers by providing a centralized platform for accessing support resources, reporting issues and providing feedback.


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