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Springring unites your school community to work together, to communicate seamlessly, exchange information and document academic progress. All types of schools and families should have access to quality school communication.

With multiple web portals and mobile apps catering to all types of users and people within the school community, Springring is an all-in-one school communication tool that helps administrators, teachers, parents and students stay connected — anywhere, anytime.


The Goal

•  A seamless school communication platform

•  Springring Admin Web Portal

•  Springring Teacher Web Portal

•  Springring Teacher Mobile App

•  Springring Parent Web Portal

•  Springring Parent Mobile App

•  Springring Student Mobile App

The Process

The first step was getting to know the story and purpose behind the idea of the Springring platform. Springring was born as out of frustration. The founders are busy, full-time, working parents. They struggled to keep up with their children's school news as they were receiving info through emails, text messages, paper, portals, and social media.

Our team started by gathering requirements and understanding the needs of the client, the needs of its target audience and the needs of the end users. This involved conducting stakeholder interviews and user surveys to gather information and requirements. 

Based on the requirements gathered, the team created wireframes, sitemaps and prototypes of the platform, to visualize the user experience and user flow. This phase also involved designing the look and feel of the platform, the layout, the style, the branding representation, and ensuring that it is visually appealing and user-friendly.

Our experts then proceeded to develop the platform, incorporating all the functionality and features required, for all the web portals and mobile apps, and integrating it with other tools and software that are used in schools and classrooms.

Once the platform has been designed and developed, our Quality Assurance expert consultants thoroughly tested all the web portals and mobile apps within this school communication platform, identifying bugs and issues, conducting user-experience testing, functionality testing, and user-acceptance testing to ensure it meets the clients requirements. 

This is the part of the process when Springring had it's final call and launched! Once the platform went live, our team provided ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the platform continues to perform optimally. 

The Challenges

Our challenge for this project was to create a platform that is intuitive and user-friendly for a diverse range of users — including teachers, parents, students and school administrators. It can be a challenge to ensure and deliver the optimum personalized user experience for each type of school member. We gathered user requirements and design the platform to meet the specific needs of each user group.

Another challenge that was faced was integrating Springring with other toold and software that schools currently use, like learning management systems and assessment tools. And as the platform grew from 1 web portal and 2 mobile apps, into 3 web portals and 3 mobile apps, we needed to ensure that the platform is scalable and can handle the increased demand.



•  Web Portal Site Map

•  Mobile Apps Site Map

•  UI/UX Design of Web Portals and Mobile Apps

•  Springring Admin Web Portal

•  Springring Teacher Web Portal & Mobile App

•  Springring Parent Web Portal & Mobile App

•  Springring Student Mobile App

•  Testing & QA

•  Springring User Journey Guide

•  Springring User Starter Guides (How to set up their accounts)



Our final seamless platform design and development represents the seamless school communication that Springring is all about. Offering an enhanced level of personalization, especially when it comes to the unique school communication experience of each user, Springring brings together the whole school community.

The platform would provide an efficient and centralized communication channel between schools, teachers, parents and students, reducing confusion, ambiguity, redundancy and improving collaboration, co-operation, inclusion and engagement.

The platform would provide opportunities for teachers to engage with students and parents, as well as other teachers and school staff members, encouraging them to participate in class moments and discussions and school events and activities. 

Springring would also help schools and teachers better manage and organize their tasks, assignments, and events, reducing the need for manual tracking and paper-based record-keeping.

With Springring, parents would be given regular updates and insights on their child's academic progress, increasing their involvement and engagement in their child's education. 


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