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Springring is an EdTech Platform that tackles communication management for schools. Bringing together school admin, teachers, parents and students. In addition to linking people, Springring aims to link all EdTech platforms used within the school.

It's a central hub for all the school's communication needs as they believe that better communication leads to better education.

Springring was born as out of frustration. The founders are busy, full-time, working parents. They struggled to keep up with their children's school news as they were receiving info through emails, text messages, paper, portals, and social media. 


The Springring platform has several components and four main users: school admin, teachers, parents and students. And each user has their own set of features and requirements.

School admin have access to a web portal. Teachers get their own web portal and mobile app. While parents & students each have a personalized mobile app.

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