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The Government of Sharjah is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It's the third largest emirate in the UAE and is known for its cultural heritage, arts and education. The government of of Sharjah places great emphasis on education and has invested heavily in developing its education sector.

The government operates a number of educational institutions including universities, schools and training centers, to provide its citizens with quality education. The government's education policies aim to promote inclusiveness and diversity, and to prepare the students for the challenges of the future. 


The Goal

•  New platform (dashboard) for the government of Sharjah to represent all the data for School Academic and Administrative Affairs.

•  Admin Panel for managing the content of the dashboard.

The Process

The first step in this project was to have a consultation with the client to discuss their requirements, goals and objectives. We discussed their target audience, the purpose of this portal & dashboard, and their expectations for this project.

Based on the client's requirements and objectives, we developed a detailed project plan and strategy. This involved outlining the portal and dashboard structure, functionalities and design elements. We also identified the technical requirements and resources needed to execute this project. Our expert consultants also conducted research and data analysis on the industry trends, the user behavior, the data that needs to be displayed and much more. 

With the project plan, strategy and data analysis in place, our expert UI/UX Design consultants started the design phase. We created wireframes, prototypes and mockups of the designs to get feedback from the client. Based on their input, we refined the design until we had the final design that met their needs and requirements. 

Once the design was approved, our development expert consultants stepped in. Our team implemented the design into a functional dashboard and portal with a highly organized and detailed Admin Panel for the client to manage and organize their content, data and other functionalities that are reflected on the dashboard itself. Our team developed this dashboard using the latest web technologies and programming languages. Our team then also made sure that all the content was added through the Admin Panel and reflected accurately on the dashboard. 

Once the dashboard and Admin Panel were fully developed, we conducted rigorous testing to ensure that the website was functioning correctly and met all the client's requirements. 


The Challenges

One clear challenge was the timezones and different countries challenge. The client is based in the UAE & Australia and VII Tech is based in Bahrain. So meeting the client in person for consultations was definitely a challenge we faced early on, but thanks to the era of Zoom and the widely popular Google Meet meetings, this challenge never got in the way of our open and consistent communication with the client. 


•  Dashboard (i.e. Portal) UI/UX Design

•  Data Representation Dashboard (i.e. Portal)

•  Admin Panel: managing both website content & form requests

•  Testing & QA



The SPEA project was a significant undertaking that benefited both the client and the end users — parents and investors. By creating a portal that showcases all the educational institutes and schools in Sharjah, the government of Sharjah was able to provide a valuable resource to parents and potential investors in the educational sector. 

The portal and dashboard provides parents with easy access to information on education opportunities and standards for their children. At the same time, it provides potential investors with a comprehensive overview of the educational landscape in Sharjah.

Throughout this project, we were able to help the client achieve their goal of creating a user-friendly and informative dashboard and portal. We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and ensure that the final product met their needs. The dashboard we developed provided an easy to use interface for users to search for and find information on the various educational institutes and schools in Sharjah.

Overall, the SPEA project was beneficial to the client and the end users. The client was able to provide a valuable resource to the community, while the end users had access to comprehensive information on education in Sharjah. The project also allowed us to showcase our expertise in developing user-friendly and informative portals and dashboards for our clients. 

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