Sparta Website Redesign

Sparta Website Redesign

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The Background:

SPARTA is the extended sport, art and activities division of ST Christopher’s Bahrain. SPARTA enables students to participate in a wide variety of activities to stimulate learning in a fun environment. ST Christopher engaged us to create a website that would both reflect their vision of education, community and fun whilst being extremely user-friendly in order to target their specific audience of parents and teachers.

The Challenge:

Before beginning work on the new SPARTA website we arranged multiple meetings with ST Christopher to understand what key issues they were facing with their old website. Having studied their old website together we were able to identify the areas that required improvement and the areas that required a total makeover. It became clear that the old website was not very user-friendly for busy parents, carer’s and teachers. Furthermore, SPARTA offered a wide variety of activities that engaged children with a variety of interests. The nature of ‘group’ activities and classes emphasized a community feel to what SPARTA were creating. We understood that the final product needed to reflect a sense of fun and amusement with a cheery atmosphere. Simplicity was key.

With all this in mind our team got together for a brainstorming session back at VII Tech HQ. We understood that busy parents and carer’s don’t appreciate complicated systems and designs. They appreciate convenience above all. With this in mind our design team focused on the themes of ‘fun’ ‘parents’ and ‘community’ to come up with a new concept.

Sparta Website Redesign

The Solution:

The team created a visually appealing design for the website that would attract parents while keeping things easy enough to make the user experience as smooth sailing as possible. Our designers used a lot of bright colors to create a light, fun and happy atmosphere which represented the variety of fun activities available for the children. The ‘grid’ stylings of the website really honed in on the theme of simplicity where all the information was clearly visible to the user.

Our design team created a 3-Click process where parents could find out about an activity, check available dates and then head to check out. It really is as easy as 1-2-3! This straightforward process has already seen an immense reaction as the website has experienced a steep increase in users booking their activities online.

Finally, we understood that not only did the parents appreciate convenience but so did the busy and dedicated staff who organize the activities. Therefore, we made sure that the back end of the website matched the front in quality of design. We understood that the staff were often very busy organizing and running the SPARTA activities and so required a system that could be dealt with very quickly. Taking into account all of their requirements, we created a clear structure for the information to be displayed, such as, bookings, payments, invoices and identity of parents and children. The backend design is truly as user friendly as the front where the accounting department can handle payments swiftly whilst the security team are able to manage visitors with ease.

Sparta Website Redesign