SESP Website & Development



The Importance of a Website

SESP is a leading polytechnic offering a variety of vocational courses in the power utility sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SESP engaged us to design and develop a website so that all students, staff and visitors could find all the information they need. In order to design and develop a website we needed to understand SESP’s vision. We had a really beneficial meeting with the SESP team where we learned that they wanted to really modernize their designs to reflect the innovative courses that they provide.

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Creating a Modern Look

SESP made it very clear that they loved all things modern. Taking this into account we made sure that the design of the website maintained a minimalist vibe. The website has a grey and white backdrop to keep things simple. The user is not distracted as the primary focus is the informative text.

Having said that however, it was important to ensure the branding was not overshadowed. We made sure their blue and orange theme was consistently displayed on every page to really emphasize the identity of SESP in a way that wasn’t too complicated. Therefore, instead of using lots of imagery, the website is covered with subtle representations of the SESP brand through the constant use of blue and orange borders, links and titles. The website is simply SESP all the way.

Situated in a predominantly Arabic speaking country, it was important to SESP that the content be bilingual, and so we translated the English content into Arabic.  Once all the text was ready we designed a clean and fresh looking website that the reader could easily navigate himself through.




To learn more about SESP, please view their website here.