SESP Print Collaterals

The time to re-design!

SESP is a leading polytechnic offering a variety of vocational courses in the power utility sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SESP decided to partner up with us once more to create interior designs and redesign their student handbook & annual report. We arranged multiple meetings with SESP to discuss their initial ideas and inspirations. Overall their brand was in the midst of an identity crisis as there were inconsistencies in the use of the brand’s color theme of blue and orange.

SESP Student Handbook

Simply SESP all the way!

We directed SESP on how they could improve their student handbook content before we got down to the redesign. The handbook uses a duotone colour effect. This means that all the images are portrayed in the SESP brand colors. The images are bold and simple which reflects SESP’s taste of modern designs.

SESP Handbook

When designing the annual report, we made sure to keep to the brand colors and modern style.  We designed an editorial annual report that showcased SESP with bold and clean photos. The book has a distinct magazine feel to it which emphasizes the sense of professionalism that is associated with SESP.

SESP Annual Report

SESP Annual Report Pages

The interior decorations consisted of murals that were to be displayed in workshops and meeting rooms around the school. We understood that SESP, a technical facility specializing in electronics, required illustrations that were appealing yet professional. Our designers focused on the ideas of wires and cords to create images that were heavily focused on thick and thin lines. The resulting images were clean and simple with added shading to allow the images to pop.

SESP Interior