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Salaam Gateway is the world’s leading news and insights platform on the global islamic economy. Salaam Gateway covers different sectors including: islamic finance, halal, and islamic lifestyle. They focus on key producer and consumer markets and provide a full overview on the islamic economy.


Salaam Gateway aims to be a leading news and insights platform. The task was to re-design their website. And wanted to showcase their information in a more dynamic and consistent flow.

The main focus was to highlight the halal industry, islamic finance, and islamic lifestyle. Over the years, Salaam Gateway has gathered a lot of information, generated reports, and covered several news and events. It is about displaying such varied content and highlighting the importance of each.


We developed and re-designed an up-to-date and user friendly website. The design suits all devices being a desktop, mobile, and tablet which is essential to their target audience’s variety of outlets. The use of a modular grid and colour-coding added a sense of structure to the website. The news and insight articles became the main focus and encourages the visitors to read and engage.


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