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Born in 2016, Projekt8 is a concept watch store showcasing the independent watchmakers in Bahrain. The reason for the name was simple: a fun project, spelled in the German form as an homage to the brand from Zurich that started it all and "8" for the number of years it took to realise the dream.

With a wide range of luxury brands, Projekt8 provides everything from watches and straps, to jewllery and accessories. Making the website a one-stop-shop for watch enthusiasts and collectors.

The Goal

•  New & revamped e-commerce website for client PRJKT8

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  Portal for the booking & request of services

•  Focus heavily on visuals of the newly renovated space

•  CMS for receiving, approving, and managing orders along with managing the content of the website

The team approached us to re-design their e-commerce website. A complete refresh of their shop to showcase all their products. The main goal was to exhibit the products and upcoming blog articles. 


The Process

We started by analyzing all of the products available at PRJKT8. Before moving on to wireframing, we had to organize the products, create categories, obtain descriptions and photographs, and monitor the inventory. Once all the content was in place, we setup the e-commerce store on Shopify.

To enhance the user's experience, we built wireframes to showcase the site usability. We incorporated the different categories, age ranges, and brands for simplicity in search.

We built a custom shop using Shopify to accommodate the requirements of the client. Apart from buying products, PRJKT8 offers gift wrapping & gift card services too. We've then configured Tap and Tabby as payment methods and trained the client on using the new, online store.

The Challenges

Our challenge for this project was to ensure website security; as a website dealing with sensitive information about customers, it is critical to ensure the website's security. This required the use of secure server protocols, encryption, and other security measures. 

Another challenge our expert consultants anticipated is testing challenges. Conducting extensive and thorough testing to ensure the website functionality is smooth and bug-free with zero broken links can be highly time consuming and resource-intensive. Our expert consultants forecasted that they might face challenges related to compatibility testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing. 

To overcome these testing challenges, our QA expert consultants conducted extensive testing throughout the development process — not only after the development was completed — to ensure that the website is bug-free and functions seamlessly. We also leveraged automated testing tools and work with our experienced QA consultants who have the skills and knowledge needed to identify and address any issues.



•  Website Site Map

•  Content creation (images & text)

•  UI/UX Design

•  Sales & marketing website

•  CMS Backend: managing website content, form requests & customer orders

•  Payment Integrations with CrediMax and Benefit

•  Testing & QA


The result of our designs and website was well received by the client. The website's modern design, user-friendly interface and high quality content have helped establish the brand as a trusted and credible e-commerce business. This website will become an essential tool in the day-to-day operations of the brand and one of the key components of what can make this business successful and beyond. 


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