Onegcc Platform Development

Promoting local talent!

It is a well-known fact that most countries in the Gulf Cooperate Council look to promote local talent by ensuring that a mandatory percentage of employees in a company are local nationals. Inspired by this idea and with the ambition to encourage the growth of the Middle Eastern market, we were approached to design and develop a careers platform catered to GCC nationals.


One platform for all

After further discussions, we came to appreciate the true passion in creating opportunities for local nationals in the competitive jobs market of today. We understood that this platform was to serve a level of convenience for its users and so when designing the platform, every detail would have to be thought out with nothing but the user in mind.

Simplifying a complicated system

All the countries in the GCC have a rich culture and the citizens are proud of their heritage.  “Onegcc” already had a logo in place. The image was an artistic interpretation of the traditional Arab Ghitra. The brand colors of “onegcc” were red and green which we interpreted to be a representation of the GCC states since most of the flags of GCC countries incorporate the colors red and green in their designs.

When designing the pages of the platform itself we wanted to create a functional design whereby it would contribute to the promotion of convenience for the user. Therefore, we stripped away all the colors until we were left with a grey and white color scheme. With subtle use of the green and red brand colors on the page to bring about a much needed pop of color, we were left with a very straightforward design that represented the straightforward structure of the platform. In short, the design is simple, clean, effective!


Continuing with the concept of simplicity of design, we made sure to create a platform that was simple to use. From the first page, the user is easily able to navigate himself to the appropriate page by identifying either as a job seeker or an employer. Furthermore, when exploring the platform, the user will find that they are able to find multiple tab options with only one click of a button. There are many features installed into the platform to ensure the most user-friendly experience possible. For example, a when an employer posts a job on the platform, it will automatically match job seekers with the requisite qualifications and experience to the job. Employers can also manage the interview process all on the platform without resorting to email. Furthermore, there is a search bar to find jobs or employees, clearly identified pages where employees can work on their profiles, track their application progress, browse vacancies and much more.
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