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Naqaa is Bahrain's first voluntary carbon credit marketplace, which helps individuals and businesses offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits from verified global projects.

Naqaa focuses and emphasizes on making a positive impact on the kingdom's environment as well as our global environment.


The Goal

•  New website for the soon to be launched project — Naqaa

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  Incorporate a carbon offsets calculator

•  Provide project management & consultaion for the Naqaa website project from ideation to launch

The Process

During our initial consultations with the client to understand their business goals, project ideas, topic and purpose, along with the project requirements. 

The main message of this website was to emphasize on the big picture that comes with offsetting your carbon footprint & emissions — a global positive impact on the environment. We were able to start, implement and launch this environmental sustainability project with that message at the center and heart of it all.

We were massively focused on the research of the environmental and sustainability industry. Our goal was to make sure that the client's main objective and message for this project was the centerpiece of the website.

One of the main features of this website is a carbon offset calculator that helped individuals and businesses track their carbon emissions. During this process, we've provided several business consultations regarding the carbon offset calculator and the factors that needed to be considered within the calculation. Our website and development experts have also provided website consulting when it came down to APIs - reading and reviewing their API documentations, as well as comparing the APIs, to find the best and most suitable calculator API for their website.

Therefore, in our process of designing the website, our main focus was: the green thumb. The branding, the design, the visual content and the copywriting all revolved around the them of "going green" to emphasize the client's main message of this website. The UI UX Design process in itself was highly detailed and intricate, from the homepage to the storytelling through structure, to the site mapping, to the completed website design.

We took multiple approaches when it came to the UI UX design of the website, providing the client multiple ways they can showcase their main message, several design styles, layouts and structures. Our design expert consultants always make sure that this part is not rushed or overlooked, as it is what the customer and end user will be experiencing first and foremost when it comes to interacting with the brand.

From there, the final design was chosen by the client, and we were able to develop a website that reflected the global vision behind Naqaa. This also included content creation for the website. Our content creation expert consultants were on the job and provided copywriting and visual placements in the most suitable way to emphasize on Naqaa's storytelling narrative, and in a way that aligns with their brand and company goals.


The Challenges

Our challenge for this project was aligning the website copy with the website design and Naqaa branding. We entered the project with no prior knowledge of the environmental and sustainability industry. This meant that our expert consultants had to take into consideration.

This included the technical language within this sustainability industry, as the topic of carbon offsets and sustainability can be complex at times, and turn it into clear and simplified terms for the end user to understand and connect with the client's message. In the end, our expert consultants were able to find an optimal balance between simplicity and detail.


•  Website Site Map

•  4 options of UI/UX Design

•  Marketing & informational website

•  Content creation (website copywriting)

•  Carbon Offset Calculator

•  Testing & QA



Our final design provides a wholesome and informational digital product that showcases Naqaa's mission and actionable way for their customers to participate in the postive global impact. It also helps inform and educate both individuals and businesses on how to contribute, how to contribute positively to the environment, and how easy it is now through the client's website. 

Customers were able to understand the goal that Naqaa was aiming towards, and the message that the brand was revolved around. Customers were also able to calculate their carbon offsets very easily through Naqaa's online carbon offset calculator.

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