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na9eebi is serious about marriage. The mobile app allows GCC residents & nationals abroad to connect with one another with the ultimate intention of marriage. The app provides a safe platform with the GCC's cultural sensitivities at the heart of it. 

'na9eebi' in arabic means: my destiny. na9eebi was born out of a need for an accessible platform for GCC nationals to help them meet their 'destined' partners.


The Goal

•  Mobile App compatible with iOS and Android

•  Create matchmaking algorithm based on five main criteria

•  User flows for the matchmaking process 

•  Implement 1:1 chat feature within the app between connected matches

•  Branding elements, logo & design assets

The Process

Our main focus starting out was to create a safe and culturally sensitive platform for GCC nationals. There are five main criteria for the match-making process: Personality, Lifestyle, Cultural Values, Career & Income, and Appearance. Each criteria had several questions that were mandatory for matchmaking. We were in charge of creating the algorithm that compares the data in one profile against others to supply a list of potential matches.

We knew that customer experience and algorithms are the main drivers of value in na9eebi. And when it comes to matchmaking, first impressions matter, and that is done through an Avatar. To answer the Appearance questions, users are prompted to create an avatar as a profile picture. Their selection then feeds into the algorithm and profile. Adding photos is optional and users can decided to hide photos from matches, allowing for more privacy. 

We tried different things to improve our matchmaking capabilities, a key way is through multiple match scores done on a curated database of verified profiles. We started off with three months of trials where early adopters were able to create profiles and feed the database and algorithm. Once the app went live, we had to upgrade the servers to allow for the new subscribers. With proper planning and the correct queuing service, obtaining matches only takes a few seconds. These adapt as subscribers refine their profile and connect with others. 

There are no last names used throughout the app, so users are identified through a username. Subscribers can choose to connect with each other to chat, mark as 'na9eebi' to be exclusive, or part ways if things don't work out. We also had to integrate Twilio to make sure all users are verified before creating a profile on na9eebi.


The Challenges

Creating an algorithm that adapts to user preferences, and shows them their top matches proved to be a challenge. Since there are five main criteria and over 32 questions for matchmaking, each profile had to be scored and an average calculated to create the list of potential profiles. Users can change their profile or preferences at any given time and therefore run the calculation again.

Also, to gamify the process and shorten the Appearance questions, we had to create an avatar-builder. And when creating an avatar, users are selecting their appearance and also preferences. This required a lot of planning and sketching all the different options. We illustrated options for male & female, and everything from face type, hair, and eyes, to skin color and smile. These were then all categorized and layered on top of one another to create the avatar. 

To avoid harassment, we've built in a safety feature when users decide to 'Part Ways'. Users will be hidden from each other for a duration of two weeks. This stops subscribers from sending connection requests multiple times. 


•  User Flows & Processes

•  Algorithm planning and development

•  UI/UX Design

•  Branding, logo, and design elements

•  Twilio integration for mobile OTP verification

•  Marketing website

•  Mobile App (iOS & Android)

•  Testing & QA


We focused on the user experience by simplifying user flows with innovative concepts. Within two months from releasing the app, na9eebi gathered over 1000 active users a day. And by the sixth month, success stories started to roll in. Going forward, we'll be focusing on improving the matchmaking algorithm, create more options for the avatar builder, and use real-time analytics to scale the business further.


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