Ministry Of Industry & Commerce Intranet

Ministry Of Industry & Commerce Intranet

The Background:

Being a large entity, the Ministry Of Industry & Commerce has multiple departments with different directorates, services, and workflows. A system needed to be put in place to facilitate content sharing and collaboration for various business units using latest technology tools and solutions within one department and across departments.

The Challenge:

The ministry needed an intranet to help manage all business content in one place, including document archiving. The intranet was also needed to incorporate the different directorates of the ministry.

Ministry Of Industry & Commerce Intranet

The Solution:

After analyzing the needs of the MOIC, VIITech Solutions has worked closely with the ministry in order to create the intranet.

The intranet has two pages, the first is My page and the Second is Directorate, which is customizable per department. MOIC intranet has multiple features such as supporting both Arabic and English, integration and a document library across directorates.

It is also customized to each employee and their responsibility in the ministry; keeping emails, tasks, leaves, workflow, calendars and it allows for placing purchase orders and tracking approvals of the purchase order.

Software used:

In addition to Microsoft Sharepoint,  Microsoft Project is used to manage the team tasks and projects.