The story

K-Link Bahrain is part of Al Majid Group. They specialise in health and food products. Growing steadily, they had been appointed by many international companies within the GCC as their sole distributor. K-Link reached out to us to design and develop their e-commerce website as part of their initiative to expand their business.

Understanding Their Needs

Having discussed their products and after a little independent research, we understood that K-Link required an e-commerce website that was equally simple and informative. The website had to serve as a platform where they could promote all their health and food products. Since they already had their brand and logo ready, we got straight to work on brainstorming designs.

Our solution


Coco Chanel’s famous quote, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”,  inspired us to design a very simple and elegant flow for the website. We used some realistic images instead of graphics to make it feel more trustworthy for users. This was a website where the text had to be as attractive to they eye as the images. The content was organised in a straight forward manner so that users could easily follow the informative content.  We created an easy to use flow so that customers can add items to the cart and proceed to checkout as quickly as possible. The website has been designed to be fully responsive.