Jedar Branding & Responsive Website

The Background

Jedar, stemming from an Australian franchise, is a Bahraini startup company specializing in printing innovative wall murals using their state of the art ZEESCAPE wall technology. Jedar intended to create a new trend in interior design by introducing colorful and unique designs to the walls of the Middle East. As a startup, Jedar approached us to create their complete brand identity as well as a website in order to launch themselves into the Middle Eastern market.

 The Challenge

We really needed to understand the vision of Jedar in order to convert their visions, ideas and concept into reality. For this, we arranged multiple meetings with Jedar to discuss the product of the company, their target market, their aspirations for the future and their perceptions of themselves today. This helped us discover the true essence behind Jedar so that we could ultimately create their brand.

Logo Design

The Solution

Initially Jedar was named “Mural Design Technology”. However, this did not quite fit with the perception of Jedar being in the business of printing works of art. The company needed a short and snappy name that was both bold and unique. The name needed the ability to be recognized straight off the bat without sounding too technical or descriptive. Thus the Arabic word for wall was chosen: ‘Jedar’. Not only was it quite literally to the point but was also short and sweet grabbing the attention of the consumer whilst distinct enough to be remembered.

Jedar uses CMYK colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) as the base colors in their printers. Although somewhat standard in the world of printer technology, they were nonetheless able to create something extraordinary and novel within the Middle Eastern market. Inspired by this inventive idea, our design team decided to stick with the CMYK color themes to represent the idea that even the most originative ideas are inspired from basic beginnings.

Stationery Branding

With the color theme in place it was time to decide on a design. At the end of the day, Jedar prints creative images and it was important to incorporate this notion in the design. Playing around with the concepts of ‘murals’, ‘walls’ and ‘art’ the cubic logo was born. The four different colors represent the range of surfaces Jedar is able to print on such as wood, glass acrylics and more. The subtle brush stroke design represents the artistic quality of Jedar products. Essentially the logo is a mini mural with the ‘J’ as the centerpiece design.

When designing the website, it was important to keep things user-friendly. Jedar’s target market ranges in variety as they cater to both residential and corporate clients. All the information on the website can be accessed in one easy click directed by clear and bold instructive links. The overall design was kept clean with a white backdrop to keep focus on the stunning images created by Jedar.

Jedar's website

To Take a better look at Jedar’s responsive website, please click here.