Isfahani Group

Brochure & Website Design

Isfahani brochure design


Isfahani Group is one of the leading figures in the restaurant business for its delivery of Persian Cuisines. Launching their first restaurant in 1990, they have since grown with at least eight additional locations between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to keep up with the demand of gourmet Persian food.


Isfahani Group was interested in further expanding their franchise and was looking to create a corporate profile. The logo being as recognizable as it was, although complicated, had to remain the same and new designs had to work cohesively with it. VII Tech Solution’s plan was to use traditional Persian elements and calligraphy.

Isfahani Website Design


Samples of Persian calligraphy was created and displayed as a pattern, and was then shown to the client for approval.  The fluid look created by calligraphic strokes was balanced with subtle symmetrical, and geometrical patterns used throughout Isfahani Group’s designs. Gold was a continuing feature in their personal branding, which was then brought into the corporate profile and franchise tri-fold.

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