Intellectual Property Department Portal


Getting Organized!

Bahrain has been a member of the WIPO agreement since 1995. Since becoming a member, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism (MOIC) has become inundated with applications and search requests. Each application had to be checked twice by the Intellectual Property Department (IPD). Sometimes the applications would need to be edited by the applicant before a payment can be made. This resulted in a long and arduous process made only more difficult by the fact that everything was done manually.

The MOIC decided that it was time for an update. They needed an online system where locals could easily register their intellectual property. That is where we come in.

We teamed up with the MOIC to develop an online platform where applicants can easily conduct intellectual property searches and register their own intellectual property.


Rome sure wasn’t built in a day and neither was the IPD Platform!

Before getting to work our developers studied up on WIPO, general intellectual property terms and application processes.

The team designed a central platform where the IPD could easily manage all applications. The platform saves all search field histories so that both user and IPD can easily pick up from where they left off.

The IPD also had problems with long and time consuming payment processes, because all payments were handled by cash. To solve this issue, we integrated the platform with the national payment gateway (NPA). Now all payments can be made directly to the IPD in one simple and secure click.

WIPO has their own workflow/database system called ‘IPAS’ which monitors the business procedure for the processing of trademarks. To register trademarks, the IPD requires access to this information. To gain access, our team integrated the online platforms’ APIs, which they had developed, with IPAS’s web services. This required constant communication with WIPO to ensure we had all the essential information required to get the job done.


A Friendly Touch!

Since this was a large and multi-purpose platform, we added helpful messages to provide a little clarity on how to use it. Our designers created two characters that would appear whenever the user was in need of assistance. The characters were designed in the form of an ‘I’ and  a ‘P’ representing ‘Intellectual Property’, bringing a friendly touch to an online platform.