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Every year, Salaam Gateway publishes a State of the Global Economy Report. This report showcases the growing contribution of the Islamic world to the global economy. With multiple government economic initiatives, global social finance initiatives, private equity investments, and corporate growth strategies.

The annual report was usually published as a PDF document. And circulated along with supporting videos. The main purpose of the website, was to visualize the data and represent it in an interactive dashboard.

The main sectors are Islamic Finance, Halal Food, Modest Fashion, Media & Recreation, Muslim-friendly Travel, Halal Pharmaceuticals, and Halal Cosmetics. 

The Goal

•  New platform (dashboard) as an addition within the Salam Gateway website

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  Google Sheet integration


The Process

We developed and designed an interactive dashboard for Impact Intell. Each sector showcases a world map and an overview of its impact on the global economy. The map highlights the routes, data, comparisons, and projections.

We needed to visualize the information to make it easier to identify patterns and trends. Instead of looking through rows on a spreadsheet, Impact Intell's findings are now communicated through an interactive design. 

The first step was having a consultation with the client, Salaam Gateway, to discuss their goals and requirements for the project. This involved identifying the main features and functionalities required for the interactive dashboard, as well as any design preferences and branding guidelines. 

After the initial consultation, our team of our expert strategy consultants created a project plan outlining the scope, timeline, and budget for the project. This included identifying potential roadblocks or risks that could impact the project's success, as well as determining the resources needed.

Once the project plan was outlined and detailed by our strategy consultants, that's when our expert design consultants came in and the design phase began. This included creating wireframes, mockups of and prototyping the interactive dashboard designs, keeping in mind Salaam Gateway's branding guidelines and design preferences. The design expert consultants worked closely with Salaam Gateway to ensure that the final UI UX Design met their expectations.

With the design in place, the development expert consultants began building the interactive dashboard. This involved coding the front-end and back-end components of the website, integrating any necessary APIs, and ensuring the dashboard is optimized for speed and performance. 

Throughout the development process, the dashboard went through intense testing to identify and fix any bugs or usability issues. This included both automated testing (using software tools) and manual testing (with the help of our skilled QA expert consultants).

Once the interactive dashboard was complete and fully tested, it was time to launch the dashboard. This involved deploying the platform to a production server, ensuring all necessary integrations are working effectively and accurately, and configuring any necessary security measures.


The Challenges

The team faced a challenge that was forecasted from the beginning. This project had a critical and time sensitive factor and the expert consultants had less than 3 weeks to deliver the project to the client. To overcome this, we needed to have a highly organized and efficient team, with clear roles and responsibilities, and excellent communication. We needed to streamline our processes as much as possible, working in parallel rather than sequentially where possible, and cutting out any unnecessary steps or features.


•  Dashboard UI UX Design

•  Data Representation Dashboard

•  Google Sheet Integration

•  Testing & QA


The project was a significant undertaking, with the goal of providing an interactive dashboard that showcases the growing contribution of the Islamic world to the global economy. By visualizing complex data sets in an engaging and interactive way, Salaam Gateway was able to effectively communicate the importance of Islamic finance, halal food, modest fashion, and many more.

The primary benefit of this project for the client was the ability to present their data in a more compelling way. Rather than simply publishing a PDF report, they now have an interactive dashboard that allows users to explore the data and gain a deeper understanding of the trends and insights it contains. This can help Salaam Gateway to establish themselves as thought leaders in the field, and to attract a wider audience to their research. 

This will also be beneficial for end users because they are provided with the ability to access and explore complex data sets in a more accessible and engaging way. By presenting the data in an interactive dashboard, users can easily explore different sectors and data points, gaining a deeper understanding of the economic impact of the Islamic world. This is particularly valuable for policymakers, investors, and researchers who are interested in understanding the trends and opportunities in these markets. 

Overall, this project demonstrates the power of data visualization to effectively communicate complex information. By presenting data in an interactive and engaging way, Salaam Gateway was able to effectively communicate the importance of the Islamic world to the global economy and to provide valuavble insights to both the client and end users.


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