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Every year, Salaam Gateway publishes a State of the Global Economy Report. This report showcases the growing contribution of the Islamic world to the global economy. With multiple government economic initiatives, global social finance initiatives, private equity investments, and corporate growth strategies.


Th annual report was usually published as a PDF document. And circulated along with supporting videos. The main purpose of the website, was to visualize the data and represent it in an interactive dashboard.

The main sectors are Islamic Finance, Halal Food, Modest Fashion, Media & Recreation, Muslim-friendly Travel, Halal Pharmaceuticals, and Halal Cosmetics. 


We developed and designed an interactive dashboard for Impact Intell. Each sector showcases a world map and an overview of its impact on the global economy. The map highlights the routes, data, comparisons, and projections.

We needed to visualize the information to make it easier to identify patterns and trends. Instead of looking through rows on a spreadsheet, Impact Intell's findings are now communicated through an interactive design. 


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