Georgia Uniforms

Brand Package Design

Gerogia Uniforms Brand Package Design


Georgia Uniforms was established in 1990 and have provided quality children’s wear and school uniforms at great prices. From toddlers to young adults, Georgia Uniform’s products are well made, durable and suitably priced. As their company thrived in the coming years, their corporate branding had become outdated and no longer stood out within the sea of new businesses.


Georgia Uniforms required a redesign of their brand identity for a new, modern look that also correctly represents what they stand for. While starting from scratch has its challenges, there were no restrictions in staying consistent with the previous designs, which allowed VII Tech a fresh start.

Georgia Uniforms Logo Design


Taking in the client’s request, VII Tech Solutions had a vision of a young designer in her studio whose newly made fashion line was clean-cut and sophisticated. This inspired the slogan “Look Smart”, which attributed to the rest of Georgia Uniform’s branding decisions. As for the logo, the name was shortened to its initials and connected like cursive with a thread and needle.