Gulf Downstream Association


Getting to Know GDA

Gulf Downstream Association (GDA) aims to create a platform bringing together all organisations/individuals associated with the oil and gas industry. Established by its founding members: Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum International, Bahrain Petroleum Company and Kuwait National Petroleum Company, it hopes to develop the industry through the sharing of knowledge and experience. GDA  approached us to design and develop their website so that they could increase their reach. 


Getting to Know the Project

When working with clients developing their first website, we take the time to understand their company to fully understand their brand identity. GDA wanted an informative tool that welcomed industry players of all sizes to join and share in their vision. They directed us to multiple websites of existing industry players to show us what they liked and disliked from each one. From this we were able to piece together GDA’s vision for their website.


Putting Theory into Practice

The website had to be incredibly easy to navigate. So our team first started work on the actual structure of the website. Users had to be able to find exactly what they were looking for with the least amount of clicks. Once the organisation of the pages was completed it was time to get to the proper design stuff.

For this project needed a modern look. GDA’s logo consists of a vibrant purple which we didn’t want to lose. In the end we opted for pages with white backgrounds with a few pops of purple here and there. This not only stayed true to the identity of GDA but gave the modern design a little vibrancy. Although we designed the website so that the user could easily focus on the text, we added photos of the oil and gas sector to really bring the pages alive. With the help of a few strategically placed photos, users will definitely feel that they have stepped into the world of oil and gas.

This has probably been one of the fasted websites to have gone through the design and development process. With a tight deadline of 2 months, the whole team worked incredibly hard to produce a product that all sides are proud of.

Check out the Gulf Stream Association website here.