Future Learning Summit


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The Future Learning Summit is an annual two-day event taking place in Bahrain. Parents, educators, and global experts get a chance to meet and explore the future of learning. With topics revolving around the mindsets of teaching, effective classroom management techniques, and the potential new technology brings to the field of education. The Future Learning Summit is a great opportunity for people looking to stay updated into the advancements of education.

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As the Future Learning Summit is an annual event with much planning and thoughtful decision making, it is vital for the organizers to have a fixed platform and branding to keep those interested notified, as well as reach out to those who are not aware. It was crucial to creating a direct resource that easily allowed anyone to view all planned events and headlines for upcoming events. Additionally, the widespread use of online payment solutions made it a requirement to implement a convenient method allowing people to purchase tickets online.

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VII Tech understands the need for strong branding and reliable, effective platforms for attendees to refer back to. Through identifying this need, our team focused on building a bold website accompanied by a strong social media presence.