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Fajr Capital is a leading private equity investor in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. They believe in impact-driven investment. Creating enduring value for their shareholders, employees, portfolio companies, and the communities they serve. Fajr Capital employs over 15,000 people across their constituent markets – including operations in Brunei Darussalam, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates.


The Goal

•  Newly designed website for Fajr Capital 

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  Migration of content from old CMS to new CMS

The Process

The project with Fajr Capital went through several phases starting from consultation, to design, to development, to testing and finally the launch. The consultation phase began with a detailed analysis of the client's requirements and goals for the website. The main objective was to design and develop a website that showcased the company's values and professionalism while incorporating their impact-driven approaches. The consultation phase also involved a comprehensive assessment of the client's competitors and industry trends to develop and design strategy that would differentiate them. 

The design phase started with the development of the website's wireframe and prototype. The team worked closely with Fajr Capital to create a design that met their needs and exceeded their expectations. The design emphasized the company's values of innovation, modernism and leadership. The team also incorporated a responsive design that ensured the website was accessible across all devices. 

Before the launch, the team performed a final review and testing of the website to identify and fix any bugs or issues. The launch involved deploying the website to the client's servers and making it available to the public. The website was officially launched after the client approved the final product. 

Throughout the project, the team faced several challenges including the integration of the impact-driven approach into the website's design and ensuring the website was accessible across different devices. The team overcame these challenges through effective communication with the client and leveraging their expertise and experience. 

Overall, the project was beneficial to Fajr Capital and end-users as the new website improved their online presence and showcased their values and professionalism. The website's modern design and user-friendly interface made it easier for users to navigate and access relevant information. Additionally, the website's focus on impact-driven approaches highlighted Fajr Capital's commitment to creating enduring value for their stakeholders and the communities they serve.

The Challenges

One challenge our team faced was incprporating the client's impact-driven approach into the website's design and overall layout. We had to ensure that the website was visually appealing and modern while still emphasizing the client's core values and commitment to social impact. To overcome this challenge, we conducted extensive research on impact-driven design principles and consulted with the client to ensure we were aligned with their vision.

Another challenge we faced was developing a website that was user-friendly and accessible across multiple devices and platforms. With Fajr Capital operating in several markets, it was crucial that the website was accessible to users on a variety of devices and platforms. We overcame this challenge by implementing a responsive design that optimized the website's layout and functionality for different screen sizes.



•  Website Site Map, Wireframes and Prototyping

•  Content migration

•  UI/UX Design

•  Informative and user-friendly website

•  CMS Backend: managing website content & form requests

•  Testing & QA

The task was to design and develop their website to showcase their values and professionalism. They requested to incorporate their impact-driven approaches in the overall layout. With the goal to showcase innovation, modernism, and leadership. 

We developed a new and improved website to meet the needs of Fajr Capital through understanding the importance of their values and vision. The new, dynamic website highlights their news, services, history and their social impact.



The Fajr Capital website redesign project aimed to showcase the company's professionalism and impact-driven investment approach. The website's new design was developed to highlight Fajr Capital's services, history and social impact. The new website features modern and dynamic design elements that reflect Fajr Capital's values and vision. The website's improved layout and user-friendly interface makes it easier to visitors to navigate the site and access relevant information.

The redesign has helped Fajr Capital to establish its online presence and communicate its values and impact-driven investment approach to potential clients and investors. The new website's social impact section highlights the company's commitment to creating enduring value for the communities they serve. This section showcases the company's positive impact on society and how it contributes to sustainable development. 

The new website has also benefited end-users by providing them with a better understanding of Fajr Capital's services, history and social impact. The website's easy-to-use interface and improved navigation make it easier for end-users to find the information they need. Overall, the project helped Fajr Capital to establish it's online presence and communicate its values and impact-driven investment approach to potential clients and investors, while also providing end users with a better user experience. 


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