El Jewan Redesign

The Background

After designing the original website for El Jewan back in 2012, with all the changes in fashion, brand and style, El Jewan felt it was time to get back in touch for a re-design. Five years later, with more confidence and experience, El Jewan knew exactly what the new website needed to be: The ultimate gateway to communicate with their audience!


 The Challenge

El Jewan communicated that they did not want any busy designs that detracted from the products. In fact, it became clear early on that they loved a white backdrop design. Tasked with the challenge of incorporating the color white as the main color scheme, we felt no reason why this should detract from creating a personality for the website befitting of the brand. Therefore, the finished product has a very simple and feminine feel to it whilst making extensive use of the color white. The background of all the jewelry photos is plain white so that there are absolutely no distractions diverting attention away from the individual pieces. Furthermore, the white website is only momentarily interrupted by a beautifully basic graphic design in gold as the centerpiece giving the website its distinctly feminine and fashionable character.

Shop and News

The Solution

After further discussions, it also became clear that communication with the user was central to El Jewan. Having grown from its original ‘start-up’ status, El Jewan has come to build a relationship with its users, a relationship that they looked to strengthen with their new website. Every page, every photo for that matter, was to create a silent conversation between El Jewan and its user. The focus of such photos were to be the style, brand and collection rather than to solely boost sales. It was very important to El Jewan that the new website really told the story of the El Jewan brand and identity. Therefore, the style of the photos really emphasized their high quality yet delicate nature. The designs are simple and so the simple photography against a white backdrop complimented the designs whilst still retaining El Jewan’s brand identity as a bespoke jeweler with a unique concept.



El Jewan’s founder, Jewan Naqi, decided to follow her creative muse and turn sketches of jewelry into works of art. Her latest collection, iDream, is inspired by the need to dream and to pursue these dreams. A percentage of the collection’s proceeds goes to “The Dream Society” to help fulfill the dreams of children with terminal illnesses.

Visit El Jewan and browse their collection here.