Commercial Bank Of Iraq (CBIQ) 

Based in Iraq, the Commercial Bank of Iraq (CBIQ) – a subsidiary of Ahli United Bank- has never had a website that their customers could use for basic information or online banking for retail and corporate customer or any other inquiries. In an increasingly digital world, CBIQ decided it was time to take things online with an informative website.

CBIQ made it very clear that they wanted to celebrate the culture and designs of Iraq. With so much Iraqi art and culture to be inspired from, we got down to the design.

We maintained a blue theme throughout so as to respect the brand identity of the bank. Blue in itself is a calm and trustworthy color, perfect for a bank who are continuously trusted by their customers to take care of their livelihoods.

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Since the website was to cater to customers primarily in Iraq, we made sure the content was available both in the Arabic and English languages.

CBIQ really liked the use of sliders in a website. So we decided to incorporate a slider that showcased a mixture of art and friendly faces to represent the culture of the bank itself.

It was important to CBIQ that the website was designed adequately to showcase all the different types of products available to retail and corporate clients. With this in mind we made sure all the information was placed in an organized manner. This was users could easily navigate between the pages to locate what they need. There is even a handy map that points out the locations of all the CBIQ branches and ATM’s in Iraq.

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Being an informative website, we kept the majority of the design simple. The focus of the pages was the content. We didn’t want to add to many images that would overwhelm a potential user. There is a white backdrop on all pages to keep the design looking clean and the constant use of blue reinforces ideas of trust, loyalty and respect

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