British Council

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With the first office in Bahrain established in 1941, The British Council has become one of the highest accredited places in the country to learn and become fluent in the English Language. Having taught thousands of students, since its debut in the country, the British Council also strives towards building relationships between institutions based in the UK and Bahrain.

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Understanding that its students, as well as their parents, are now leading an active and on-the-go lifestyle, the British Council saw it fit to have an app development that allows for parents to monitor their children’s performance. They also wished for the app to become a direct platform for communication with tutors, keep up-to-date with events and the British Council as a whole.

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With a combination of a clean and simple interface, we designed and developed a mobile application that parents can download and install. Through the British Council app, parents can view their child’s performance with ease, keep ahead with a fully color-coded calendar, and schedule appointments with their respective teachers.

Also, with a familiar interface to many popular social media platforms, we integrated the main feed, allowing parents to stay up to date with the latest at The British Council.