Batelco Gaming League 15 Branding

Branding & Social Media Management



Batelco Gaming League is a year long event where gamers compete in a 5 round tournament to win a total prize pool of BD7200. The event was organize by Vortex Gaming Center, and sponsored by Batelco.
Batelco Gaming League Logo



BGL organizers needed create a new identity to promote the event and communicate with all the gamers to keep them informed about the league.

Batelco Gaming League Website


VII Tech has created a branding & marketing strategy that would ensure clear communication between BGL and participants on all levels which includes:
1. Development of a responsive website with registration details, tournament rules, and a leaderboard to keep track of the score point.
2. Design & branding for events, and make sure the consistent branding elements were used.
3. Social media management.

Batelco Gaming League Social Media

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