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B4BH started out as a platform aiming to provide all Bahrainis with the latest news happening within the country. It soon developed to be one of the most credited references to economic, real estate, and tourism growth in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The B4BH website offers the same services as the mobile app. It is the ideal travel companion that can help with getting the most out of your visit to Bahrain.


The Goal

•  New website for B4BH to accompany the mobile app

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  Portal for the booking of activities and events

•  CMS for receiving, approving, and managing booking requests along with managing the content of the website

The Process

We began by holding a consultation with the client to understand their goals and objectives for this project, branding guidelines and any specific features or functionalities they needed. Through this phase, we also defined the scope of the project and established a timeline and budget. 

Then we proceeded into the design phase, in which our design experts created a sitemap and wireframes that outline the structure and layout of the website. Based on the wireframes, our team of experts came up with the UI UX design that incorporated the client's brand guidelines, but at the same time making sure that the website design is visually appealing and user-friendly. 

Once the design was approved, our development expert consultants stepped in. Our main focus was to showcase all the attractions, activities and upcoming projects through this website. This is alongside the ability to build your own trip or choose from pre-made trips.

Our development consultants managed to create a fully custom back-end for the client. This allows them to update the content of both the website and mobile app, keeping both platforms in-sync at all times and maintaining that seamless user experience on both the website and the mobile app. 

We also ensured that the website was responsive, which means that it would work on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Quality Assurance and testing is crucial, before and after any digital launch. That's where our QA experts came in and conducted a thorough testing process to make sure that the website functionality is accurate and is free of bugs and errors. Once the website, and the custom backend were tested by our experts, and approved by the client, the website was launched.


The Challenges

Our main challenge for this project was to create a new website that was highly responsive to ensure that it works seamlessly across all devices in order to maintain a cohesive and smooth user experience between both the website and the app for all consumers. 

To overcome this challenge, we used the latest responsiveness design techniques and we ensured that the website is optimized for all screen sizes and devices, while also providing regular testing and quality assurance to ensure the website is functioning as intended. 



•  Website Site Map and Structure

•  UI/UX Design of the website

•  Content creation for the website 

•  Informative and responsive booking and e-commerce website

•  CMS Backend: managing both website content & form requests, along with payment

•  Payment Integrations

•  Testing & QA

•  SEO audit reporting & SEO implementation


The website that our experts have delivered on this project has been a crucial tool in helping the client achieve their goals of providing the latest news, economic updates, and tourism information to the people of Bahrain. 

By following a comprehensive process that includes consultation, research, planning, design, development, launch, and quality assurance services, we were able to deliver a website that meets the needs of both the client and the end users and customers. 

The benefits of this website extends to more than just the client and the customers. The website also provides businesses with an ad-booking service. These advertisements will appear on the website, mobile app and also the B4BH social media channels.


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