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Awal Private Terminal is The Kingdom of Bahrain's new addition to the airport services. Located in Muharraq, it provides services to those traveling by private jet or on commercial flights with all airlines.

With eight elegant private lounges, along with two common lounges, Awal Private Terminal is a luxurious gateway for VIP passengers.


The Goal

•  New website for the soon to be opened Awal Private Terminal

•  Responsiveness to all platform sizes

•  Portal for the booking & request of services

•  Focus heavily on visuals of the newly renovated space

•  CMS for receiving, approving, and managing booking requests along with managing the content of the website

The Process

During our visit to the terminal, we were guided through the spaces and told of the history and renovation. We decided to showcase the development of the terminal, from the 1960s to it's re-opening in 2022. Therefore, in our process of designing the website, our main focus was: storytelling. We were able to create a website that reflected the history of Awal Private Terminal.

Upon our meeting with the operations team, we were able to separate their services into two: Elite Services (B2C) and General Aviation (B2B). Each service targetted different audiences, so we highlighted different features throughout the website. The forms for booking & requesting services each fed into a section in the custom CMS.

To accompany the website, we built a custom CMS for the client. Where they have full control of the website content and manage bookings. The CMS gives them the ability to view, approve, and reject booking requests. Along with sending customers payment requests to secure their booking.


The Challenges

Our challenge for this project was to create a new website – that had limited content – and accommodate the time constraint. The project has 3 main parts: a sales website, the services forms, and the CMS backend. 

We entered the project with no prior knowledge of the new terminal services. Or how they conduct their bookings & reservations. This meant that we had to conduct several meetings to map out the current process, before jumping in headfirst. This included a site visit and walkthrough, and a full review of the services.


•  Website Site Map

•  Content creation (images & text)

•  2 options of UI/UX Design

•  Sales & marketing website

•  CMS Backend: managing both website content & form requests

•  Payment Integrations with CrediMax and Benefit

•  User Guides & Documentation

•  Testing & QA


Our final design provides a preview into the newly remodeled terminal. Offering an enhanced level of services all while retaining the highest safety procedures, security levels, and privacy standards.

Customers were able to understand the service offerings and request for services easily. And the client was able to streamline, manage, and review their booking process.

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