Al Hilal Life Branding

The Background

Al Hilal life, formerly known as Legal & General, approached us with an exciting mission to redesign their brand following the purchase by Ahli United Bank of the remaining shares of Legal & General. Now the sole owners, Al Hilal Life sought to begin this fresh chapter with a complete new look. It was to be an exciting time in the life of Al Hilal Life and we were honored to be trusted with such an important task.

 The Challenge

Before getting to work, it was important to understand Al Hilal’s vision. After a few meetings we learned how the concept of ‘life’ was central to the values of Al Hilal Life. They wanted their new brand to be representative of the notions of vitality, security and new beginnings. We also learned that it was important for Al Hilal that Islam and Bahrain be represented in the logo.  We therefore set out to create a new brand identity that told an honest story of Al Hilal’s company values.

Al Hilal Stationary set

The Solution

Inspired by the ‘Flower of Life’ with all its spiritual connotations we layered two seeds of life on top one another to represent the two sides of the company: Al Hilal Life and Al Hilal Takaful.  The overlapped seeds were purposefully fanned out to create an illusion of a palm tree to represent the Kingdom of Bahrain. The five pointed blue star in the center represents the five pillars of Islam.  The color blue emphasizes Al Hilal’s company values of loyalty and trust which is then set against the gold which represent success and prosperity. With the logo completed all that was left was to produce the accessories. Such items included: brochures, stationary, business cards, letterheads, continuation sheet, and website.

Al Hilal Inner BrochureAl Hilal Brochures