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Celebrating the Women at VII Tech

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 08/03/17 - 598 views

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate all the incredible women out there and all the great work they do, we are going to shine the spotlight on the women at VII Tech today. Here at VII Tech, we are proud to be an inclusive office that celebrates diversity. We have women at different stages of...

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Happy Birthday to US! We are officially 9 years old.

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 22/01/17 - 637 views

Happy Birthday to US! We are officially 9 years old and what a journey it has been. January is traditionally known as award season in Hollywood, but they are not the only ones creating magic around here. No Sir! We have been getting up at 8:30am for the past 3285 days (or 9 years for...

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By Sabreen Bucheeri on 16/01/17 - 613 views

My graphic design internship at VII Tech was a great experience. The workplace’s friendly atmosphere made the long working hours more enjoyable and enabled me to develop myself as a graphic designer. Waking up every morning and enduring the horrible traffic made me realize how important it is to manage time for my own sake. I...

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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 26/12/16 - 631 views

Alas the time has come to reflect over our 2016 journey. This year we are proud to have completed a number of massive projects. But if we were to sit here and take you through them one by one, we’d probably be here until the end of 2017. We’re sure you have better things to...

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Young Coder Club

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 20/07/16 - 766 views

At VII Tech Solutions we have spent over eight years developing websites and mobile applications. ‘Learning’ has always been the heart and soul of our company, and so whether we are talking about the Managing Director or an intern, we are always in the process of learning from the past, each other or clients in...

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Graphic Design Internship

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 08/06/16 - 617 views

Having an internship in Graphic Design at VII Tech Solutions has impacted me in several ways. The first few days were very challenging as I was not yet used to working full-time; the hours were long. However, after some time I got used to it and it gave me the chance to experience a real...

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VII Tech Story – Infographic

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 28/04/16 - 763 views

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb. VII Tech has grown so much since its inception in 2008, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated, young, skillful team. We’ve grown in terms of project capacity, shortening the time for delivery and...

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By Sabreen Bucheeri on 08/02/16 - 1187 views

As a service based company, our core strength is our staff. Hiring the right people is the most crucial aspect.  Their expertise, commitment to lifelong learning and enthusiasm is what makes us able to deliver what we promise. One of our developers, Ahmad Yusuf, develops mobile apps not just for a living but even during his...

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GoodBye 2015, Hello 2016

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 31/12/15 - 786 views

We can’t believe that the countdown to 2016 has begun, and a day is left till we say goodbye to 2015. We are very grateful to our clients, staff members and interns and we’re very excited to welcome the year 2016. In 2015, our team grew a little bigger to include 3 more team members,...

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Happy 7 year Anniversary

By Jawad Sadiq on 17/01/15 - 500 views

7 things about VII Tech: I’m VII Tech, a creative services agency based in Bahrain. Today is my birthday! Yeah! 7 years ago, 7 creative and tech fanatics decided to do something together. So, I was born. And yes, 7=VII, and that is how I got the name. Many people asked me “Why Purple?” Well,...

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Bye bye 2014

By Jawad Sadiq on 29/12/14 - 795 views

How did time go by so quickly? It’s December 2014 already!! I felt like this year just flashed right in front of my eyes. Do you feel the same way? Although it went by so fast, I can’t deny that I have learnt and grown so much this year with my team in VIITech. Where...

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How to create an environment of inspiration at work?

By Jawad Sadiq on 09/06/14 - 625 views

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” That’s quotation has been posted in the wall at VII Tech, and this is how I get the inspiration to have a fresh start every day. I believe that feeling your work office is just like your second...

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After a long wait, Viitech finally has a new home.

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 30/03/14 - 1972 views

Amazing! Fantastic news! Last week 23rd March 2014, Viitech moved to its new home, a place we can call our own. This has all happened in my first month working at Viitech and I’m thrilled to be involved in all the excitement and enthusiasm with my colleagues. It has been a very busy time, preparing...

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