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Mobile internet usage surpasses desktop usage

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 31/08/17 - 3154 views

Recently more users around the world are browsing and accessing the internet through their mobile devices or tablets, and less are accessing the internet through their desktops. The combined traffic from mobile and tablet devices tipped the balance at 51.2%, vs 48.7%  for desktop access From 2016 to 2017, time spent per day on mobile...

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QA Solutions: Converting to GitLab

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 28/02/17 - 520 views

When developing any app or system it’s crucial that our team constantly test the different versions to ensure they run smoothly and bug free. This testing of functionalities and fixing of bugs is what we call QA: ‘Quality Assurance’. We know that this all sounds terribly exciting, so we’ll give you a second to catch...

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Young Coder Club

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 20/07/16 - 766 views

At VII Tech Solutions we have spent over eight years developing websites and mobile applications. ‘Learning’ has always been the heart and soul of our company, and so whether we are talking about the Managing Director or an intern, we are always in the process of learning from the past, each other or clients in...

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Cloud Productivity Tools

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 21/06/16 - 1183 views

  Mohammed Ashoor, VII Tech’s founder, wrote a blog about different cloud productivity tools that save us both time and money by doing more work in less time. He recommended apps for accounting, social media management, human resources and project management. read it here  We’ve  grown quite a bit since that blog post and so...

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By Sabreen Bucheeri on 08/02/16 - 1187 views

As a service based company, our core strength is our staff. Hiring the right people is the most crucial aspect.  Their expertise, commitment to lifelong learning and enthusiasm is what makes us able to deliver what we promise. One of our developers, Ahmad Yusuf, develops mobile apps not just for a living but even during his...

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How to detect a virus when your Antivirus can’t?

By Ahmed Yusuf on 04/05/15 - 1612 views

Can you count the times when you downloaded a file and your computer just crashed? or when you visited a website and the “Reported Attack Site” sign showed up to warn you of the viruses nesting in that website? Me neither. I once downloaded a 700 Megabyte file only to discover that it was a...

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Cloud Productivity Tools for any Small Agency/Business

By Mohammed Ashoor on 10/02/15 - 1223 views

Since taking over the management of VII Tech Solutions back in 2012, one of my main objectives was to “run it in the cloud”. After 3 long years of trial and error, many systems later, and quite a number of migrations, I can FINALLY say that I’m done!! I’m listing all the Cloud-Based Tools that we use, how they’ve...

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Pushbullet App

By Ahmed Yusuf on 14/10/14 - 1089 views

I was using Google Keep for sharing links between my devices instead of typing the entire page link in the browser. Sometimes you just want to share a photo with your contacts from your computer, but you don’t want to email it, Whatsapp or BBM are easier on mobile phones for sharing text and files. Few weeks later,...

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