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QA Solutions: Converting to GitLab

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 28/02/17 - 520 views

When developing any app or system it’s crucial that our team constantly test the different versions to ensure they run smoothly and bug free. This testing of functionalities and fixing of bugs is what we call QA: ‘Quality Assurance’. We know that this all sounds terribly exciting, so we’ll give you a second to catch...

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By Sabreen Bucheeri on 08/02/16 - 1186 views

As a service based company, our core strength is our staff. Hiring the right people is the most crucial aspect.  Their expertise, commitment to lifelong learning and enthusiasm is what makes us able to deliver what we promise. One of our developers, Ahmad Yusuf, develops mobile apps not just for a living but even during his...

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How To Track Your Productivity In Development?

By Ahmed Yusuf on 26/05/15 - 1632 views

One of the most difficult questions I faced at the beginning of my career was estimating the time I spent on a specific development project; and it was either I didn’t know how long did it take or I guessed it and threw a random number there. Then I learned that there are several softwares...

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Maintainable Code

By Ahmed Yusuf on 15/09/14 - 1258 views

The year is 3000, earth is an abandoned wasteland, no one around anymore. A shuttle suddenly breaks the silence, it’s land in the middle of no where, and a pair of scientists emerge, looking towards that one building they can see on the horizon. They rush to it, look around to find anything useful but...

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Defensive Coding – An Outlook

By Ahmed Yusuf on 14/08/14 - 711 views

When I first heard the term defensive coding, the first thought that popped to my mind, was that it meant the art of protecting your software against outside intruders, like those trying to gain access to functionality they are not entitled to. Later on after much research, I discovered that the term was not related...

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