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VII Tech Story – Infographic

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 28/04/16 - 763 views

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb. VII Tech has grown so much since its inception in 2008, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated, young, skillful team. We’ve grown in terms of project capacity, shortening the time for delivery and...

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Why Spending on a logo design is worth it

By Sabreen Bucheeri on 15/02/16 - 566 views

Are you thinking of getting a free logo design? Can’t blame you. When starting your own company, you are so tight on budget and keeping it afloat is your main concern that you wouldn’t even think about spending on a logo, because why should you? You can take the money and spend it on your phone bill,...

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The Best Sites for Graphic Design Inspiration

By Jawad Sadiq on 17/06/15 - 2032 views

A good way to approach design is through research, as in, understanding your current project and finding inspiration. This process should happen before even lifting a pencil, but without the proper resources you could find yourself at a stand-still before you have even started! Here’s a few favorite sites I’ve collected over time, not including the ever...

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Odd Creativity boosting Techniques

By Ahmed Yusuf on 04/05/15 - 1257 views

How many times were you in the shower, mindlessly washing your hair or scrubbing your toes when – BAM!!! – a thought pops into your head. Out of the blue maybe you remembered something terribly important. Or you might have finally solved the glitch that was driving you crazy at work. Perhaps, you discovered a...

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SpeedJum. The Flappy Ball.

By Ahmed Yusuf on 09/06/14 - 857 views

It all started with thinking ‘How hard is it to develop a game?’ since we all heard that game developers get the highest salaries and they are on the top of the development category. Okay I had three months to do my major project, will I be able to finish it within this time with absolutely ZERO knowledge in...

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Color Matters

By Jawad Sadiq on 22/05/14 - 1925 views

Why color matters for brands? We live in a colorful world. Our mind is highly responsive to visual stimulation on both a conscious and subconscious level. Colors will bring up certain emotions and feelings. And that is why one of the key elements of building a ever-lasting brand is color selection. “Research reveals people make...

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What is a Brand?

By Jawad Sadiq on 04/05/14 - 578 views

I had a long conversation with our client a few weeks ago about the definition of a brand and branding,  As most of the business people lack the knowledge of both terminologies. So What is a Brand? A brand is the idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with, by...

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