30 Days Water Challenge at VII Tech!

Working in an office it’s easy to let the health thing slide. Sitting at our desks all day, a cold store just downstairs, a coffee shop across the street, we would be lying if we said we didn’t snack… all day long. I mean, we even have a snack box continuously refilled with contributions from everyone at the office (not complaining, our colleagues have impeccable taste in food).

Since we all eat together, we thought why not try to get healthy together! A few ideas floated around: quitting chocolate… quitting ‘Pizza Thursdays’… exercising more. In the end we all agreed on baby steps.  We decided to take up the water challenge: 2 Liters of water a day for 30 days.

Starting the Challenge

We all got off to a raring start. In fact, we were all so passionate and excited about the challenge that we ended up finishing a whole tank of water on the first day. But that is a whole tank between 15 people…

After the first few days, we noticed that people had started to bring in their own bottles to work. It seemed a much more efficient way to keep track of how much we were actually drinking.

Halfway There

A couple of weeks into the challenge we noticed that the more water we drank the less we were snacking. In fact, our snack box actually dwindled when the office reached its peak in water challenge enthusiasm! We may have all even lost 1 pound. Every little helps right? Not only did we all start to eat healthier, but we stopped drinking fizzy drinks and weren’t as dependent on coffee… well for a few of us anyway.

But alas, being the millennial’s that we are, without a constant stream of inspiration from super cool people of far off lands, our enthusiasm started to simmer. We found that instead of drinking 2 Liters of straight water, we started to indulge in fizzy drinks again, our coffees made a severe come-back and the snack box… All it took was for one person to mention ‘chocolate’ and it was as if our fairy godmother waved her magic wand and….


The Last Leg

Fortunately, at VII TECH, we are no quitters! And so our Marketing Officer, determined that we all keep to the challenge and cleanse our bodies, decided to take it upon herself to remind us that we only had 1 week left to complete the challenge!

Motivated once more, we all shaped up and started to tally our glasses once more. And you know what? We do feel a little lighter and fresher. We don’t snack as often and our skin has never looked better!




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