Having an internship in Graphic Design at VII Tech Solutions has impacted me in several ways.

The first few days were very challenging as I was not yet used to working full-time; the hours were long. However, after some time I got used to it and it gave me the chance to experience a real working environment and atmosphere. The internship gave me a well-rounded perspective of what it would be like to work within a creative agency after graduation.

I have come to learn many new things that I did not get a chance to learn at university. I’ve learned how to make a corporate profile and all the challenges that come with designing one such as structure, size and material. l’ve also learned how to design a website, as well as how to take professional photos.

Moreover, I joined a meeting with the developers to get a better understanding of how to design a website in a practical way that will make the creation of the website an easy process. In addition, I have designed some social media posts for Instagram and Facebook.

Both Jawad (Creative Director) and Yanyan ( Art Director) assisted me in understanding how to better use Adobe InDesign and taught me how to use Sketch. I found this both helpful for my current work and useful for my studies in the future. Vanessa (Junior Graphic Designer) constantly helped me come up with new ideas for my designs by either sharing examples of her previous work or by showing me designs done by others on various websites.

I am very happy to have chosen VII Tech Solutions for my graphic design internship because I had the chance to meet a great team with a kind spirit who were there to help me whenever I needed help.

About Fatima Al Qassab:

Fatima Al Qassab

Fatima Al Qassab is a student of Graphic Design at the University College of Bahrain, soon to be a graduate in the class of 2017. She’s fluent in Arabic and English with great communication and design skills.


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