Summer is a perfect time to do an internship. Get a look into the industry, learn and gain experience. it is really important for all students to get internships and to explore the work environment before graduating. Listed below few reasons behind the importance of internships for students:

  • Having the opportunity to put your work hands on in a professional work place, to experience how the real life of work goes on.
  • Internships usually give you the opportunity to meet with professionals in your field and also to interact with them, to know how to communicate in a professional environment.
  • Time management is a necessity for everything! for instance: for attending meetings, sending emails, scheduling work, submitting deadlines.
  • Getting an internship is a step of building your career foundation – for the future. You will enter the industry, improve the quality of your work by the experience that you will get and at the same time your  CV will stay as a preferred reference for future opening positions!

Internships are great tools to improve your chances as a job applicant and help make you a better potential employee. Therefore invest in your career and look into becoming an intern with us at VII Tech Solutions to experience the work environment!

Here are our intern’s comments below:


Zainab Alawi:

Entering my third week at VII Tech and I have learned a lot about web development. I have experienced HTML, CSS and more.It’s a very motivational environment where lots of work gets done. I’ve really enjoyed learning about web development and I found it very interesting!

Maryam Alameer:

A fun welcoming environment that takes you in from day one. I’m a mobile/web development intern in VII Tech on my third week and have already learned so much, Currently, i’m working on website development using HTML, CSS, and  JavaScript.

Shaima Al Saegh:

My experience in VII Tech so far is joyful, VII Tech team are so friendly and helpful.  I started 3 weeks ago and I gained lots.I’m now working in app development which is so exciting. My idea of how hard developing is, has been changed totally.

Mahmood Al Haddad:

My experience at VII Tech Solutions so far has been awesome! In my first couple of weeks, I am already learning a lot of skills that I haven’t known before. I am learning a great deal from working with a team of experienced developers. The great, friendly atmosphere at VII Tech is what makes work not feel like a burden to wake up every morning for.



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