Once again the time has come upon us to acknowledge Valentines Day.

Hate it or love it, you just can’t seem to escape this holiday wherever you turn. Whether you’re walking past a shop window, sitting down to enjoy a meal or even filling up at a petrol station, you will find yourself surrounded by red hearts, pink flowers and cheesy captions. And why shouldn’t you?

Valentines Day (and holidays in general) are perfect opportunities for your marketing team to get creative. This is the perfect way to get excited about what is going on in the lives of your consumers. This will keep your business relevant on all days of the year whilst scoring yourselves some extra ‘cool’ points with your followers.

Today, most businesses focus their attention on online marketing. Here are just a few ideas to keep in mind when considering whether to have an online marketing presence:

Online Shopping

This is not necessarily restricted to clothes or shoes. More and more people are searching for services or products online before they hit the shops… or the offices. A quick online search is now the most affective way for consumers to compare competitors before deciding on the direction they wish to take. We’re sure that if you take a moment, it wouldn’t have been very long since you last searched Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or some other social media site trying to find out more about a particular business or product. We do it all the time. Therefore, it’s really important that as a business, you make sure that you have an organised, up to date and entertaining social media presence.

Posting Discounts

Never underestimate the power of a good discount. Not only will this entice consumers to come check you out, but will also increase the likelihood of people reposting your page. This is a great way of spreading your name in the market, and all the work is done for you! Like they always say, ‘you gotta give a little to get a little’. Just watch while your followers rush to tell their friends and your following increase.Offer discounts

Entertaining Content

This may seem a little obvious, but entertaining content comes in so many different shapes and sizes, it can get a little daunting. What people sometimes forget is that even the most beautifully written caption that may well deserve a literary prize will go unread if too long. Generally, people don’t like to read a lot when scrolling through their social media. So it’s important to keep captions short and snappy whilst still retaining their soul so that users will be persuaded to stop for a couple of seconds and give it a read.

keep captions short


Conversational Posts

Whilst everything is online, we mustn’t forget about the human touch. Social media is all about being social after all. Posting questions or conversations is a nice way to increase user engagement whilst also getting to know your consumers. Replying to as many comments as you can will really help show people that you actually care about their consumer experience rather than just trying to make a sale.Have real conversations


User Experience

Posting user experience will increase trust between you and your consumers. If they can see how your products or services have worked in the past, then it will increase the likelihood of attaining future sales.

These are just some ideas to keep in mind when marketing your business. There are of course many other ideas that you could implement to better your marketing. What you really need is a good marketing strategy.

Here at VII Tech we provide Digital Marketing Solutions and Social Media Management for business of all sizes. We work together with our clients to come up with the perfect marketing strategy that suit their business needs. Whilst managing their marketing we design social media posts, create content and advertisements & campaigns. We constantly monitor their user engagement and stay on top of user comments. Our clients can rest assured that their businesses are being marketed effectively!


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