As a service based company, our core strength is our staff. Hiring the right people is the most crucial aspect.  Their expertise, commitment to lifelong learning and enthusiasm is what makes us able to deliver what we promise.

One of our developers, Ahmad Yusuf, develops mobile apps not just for a living but even during his free time.

His recent itch to scratch was his inability to send videos to his friends or to download the video to his account.  That led to the creation of the mobile app, Savedeo.

What is Savedeo?

Savedeo App is an independent project that was developed by Ahmed to facilitate downloading a video or a picture from social media.

While there are other websites and mobile applications that serve the same purpose, the alternatives are not user-friendly and leave the user awfully frustrated with adverts.


How to use Savedeo?

After downloading the app (Here) and opening it, Savedeo will ask for the link of the video or image and will take some time to confirm that the video/image is “Public” as it will not allow downloading private videos and images. If the image/video public, you’ll be able to download the image/video with multiple quality options.

Below is a demonstration of how Savedeo works:

What apps does it support?

The apps Savedeo supports are:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Vine

How many people downloaded the app?

So far 10,000 people downloaded the app and it’s rated as 4.4 out 5.

About Ahmad Yusuf

Mobile/Web Developer


Ahmad Yusuf is a web and mobile developer at VIITech Solutions. He describes himself as “IT Geek, Java & Android Developer” and ” Google services addict and semi-fanboy” on his blog 

Ahmad worked on projects such as “MEGA Mobile App” and “St Christopher’s’ parent-teacher App“.


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