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Bye bye 2014

By Jawad Sadiq on 29/12/14 - 804 views

How did time go by so quickly? It’s December 2014 already!! I felt like this year just flashed right in front of my eyes. Do you feel the same way? Although it went by so fast, I can’t deny that I have learnt and grown so much this year with my team in VIITech. Where...

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Pushbullet App

By Ahmed Yusuf on 14/10/14 - 1100 views

I was using Google Keep for sharing links between my devices instead of typing the entire page link in the browser. Sometimes you just want to share a photo with your contacts from your computer, but you don’t want to email it, Whatsapp or BBM are easier on mobile phones for sharing text and files. Few weeks later,...

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Maintainable Code

By Ahmed Yusuf on 15/09/14 - 1265 views

The year is 3000, earth is an abandoned wasteland, no one around anymore. A shuttle suddenly breaks the silence, it’s land in the middle of no where, and a pair of scientists emerge, looking towards that one building they can see on the horizon. They rush to it, look around to find anything useful but...

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Defensive Coding – An Outlook

By Ahmed Yusuf on 14/08/14 - 719 views

When I first heard the term defensive coding, the first thought that popped to my mind, was that it meant the art of protecting your software against outside intruders, like those trying to gain access to functionality they are not entitled to. Later on after much research, I discovered that the term was not related...

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How to create an environment of inspiration at work?

By Jawad Sadiq on 09/06/14 - 633 views

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” That’s quotation has been posted in the wall at VII Tech, and this is how I get the inspiration to have a fresh start every day. I believe that feeling your work office is just like your second...

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